Pre Lanching

coming package 5000,5pv Reliance life cosmetic product.... ......8th type of in-com PlanA.  Binary IncomeB.  Spill IncomeC.  Premium gift free incomeD.  Royalty incomeE.  Reward Award incomeF.  Re-Purches IncomeG.  Re-Purches Royality IncomeI.  Fast trake IncomePlan Binary 11500 Rs. Spill 300 Rs. Binary capping 10 pair per day closing daily basis, Auto bank transfer...............5 Pair ---  2nd year premium free15 Pair ---3rd year premium free30 Pair ---4th year premium free60 Pair --- Rs.100012 Month Royality Bike 45,000 Rs.80 Pair --- Rs.200012 Month Royality Tata Nano 1,25,000 rs.120 Pair -- Rs.300012 Month Royality Alto Car 2,25,000 Rs.220 Pair ---Rs.500012 Month Royality Tata Indica 4,25,000 Rs.400 Pair ---Rs.800012 Month Royality Tata Safari 8,00,000 Rs.700 Pair ---Rs.1000012 Month Royality Skoda Laura 15,00,000 Rs.1000 Pair --Rs.1200012 Month Royality Toyota Fortuner 20,00,000 Rs.1500 Pair --Rs.1500012 Month Royality BMW X1 25,00,000 Rs.1800 Pair --Rs.20,00012 Month Royality Mercedes-Benz 32,00,000 Rs.2200 Pair --Rs.25,00012 Month Royality Flat 50,00,000 Rs.5000 Pair --Rs.50,00012 Month Royality Banglow 75,00,000 Rs.12,000 Pair --- Rs.1,00,00012 Month Royality Banglow Car 1,00,00,000Rs.Libility Free Mlm PlanAll Leader Invited......Pre Lanching 5 sep to 10 oct.Contact No -- 09300101221Mail Id -- mlmajayshrivastavgmail.comCompany Promoter -- Kuljeet Shrivastava  

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