Own Blockchain, Wallet And SCF COIN

Own Blockchain, Wallet And SCF COIN

Worlds best Decentralized Multi coin wallet (Cross chain swaping option) Best investment and refferel program...for more details call me : 8792034566 This message and Joining link only for New members who wats to join My team for 100 â„… Support. https://t.me/+kNrp1yORVrxiYjY1 https://t.me/+kNrp1yORVrxiYjY1 FINTOCH: A fc multi-cryptocurrencies company with The public blockchain SCF.(standard cross financial chain)It is the most secure investment company. The system is with: Stackings of USDT/FUSD/LP SCF main & FIN LP. The choice of contract period: * 7 days * 15 days * 30 days The profits from FUSD investment: * For 7 days 1% daily. * For 15 days 1.1% daily. * For 30 days 1.2% daily. The profits from SCF investment: * For 7 days 1.1% daily. * For 15 days 1.2% daily. * For 30 days 1.4% daily. The FUSD is the stable Fintoch's coin with the price value of USDT.The SCF is Fintoch's Token and the price value of SCF soley depends upon the market price value like any other cryptocurrencies. So wanna brighten your Tomorrow ?Join us Today! Here is the Registration Link. https://website.scfchain.io/created_wallet_id?langId=en&invite_id=ID4b9a4fcf0dd22b6f42868850d678095a0917058a Dont forget to Direct Message me for further assistance.Wish you a Brighter Future! Join link other than existing my team members.. https://t.me/+kNrp1yORVrxiYjY1

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  • 09 August, 2023
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