ONLY RS. 600 VIBGYOR ONLY RS. 600 ***HOW IT WORKS*** 1. “VIBPAY – Rainbow Of Wealth” - A 100% Genuine, Unique, Wonderful, Systematic & Long Term Sustainable Plan. 2. It is a very simple and easy to understand plan. 3. The Prime Package cost for one year is Rs.600. 4. All the profits in the plan are generated through the sales of products and services on our portal. These sales are generated by efforts of one and all members who are associated with the program. 5. This program offers a lot of Incentives to its members – Early Bird Incentive, Rank Achievements, Rewards & Recognition, Downline Safety Incentive, etc. 6. When you purchase a package from “VIBPAY – Rainbow Of Wealth” you get the Product + Discount + Business Opportunity to earn a good passive income for lifetime. 7. Soon we are launching our ecommerce portal. This portal will open up chances for earning good repurchase income for our members. ***HOW TO START?*** STEP 1 - Register FREE With Your Sponsors referral Link. STEP 2 - Start Promoting Your Own Referral Link. STEP 3 - If any member joins through your referral link you will become eligible for the incentives of the program. STEP 4 - Place Purchase Order Of The Prime Package. STEP 5 - Pay The Amount Through – PAYTM / PHONE PE / GOOGLE PAY / BANDHAN BANK . STEP 6 - When members join through your referral link you become eligible for UNI-LEVEL INCENTIVE is divided in 10 Levels. STEP 7 - If You are able to refer 7 Direct Paid Members, you become eligible for 1) RANK ACHIEVEMENTS 2) REWARDS & RECOGNITIONS. a. RANK ACHIEVEMENT – You Can Achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold Ranks. b. REWARDS & RECOGNITIONS - Will be announced from time to time. STEP 8 - When your Direct Paid Member introduces a Paid member through their referral link, they will become eligible for DOWNLINE SAFETY INCENTIVE. STEP 9 - You can also become eligible for TURNOVER BASED ROYALTY INCENTIVE. ***BUSINESS INCENTIVES*** 1. SELF WELCOME BONUS INCENTIVE - As soon as you register, You will become eligible for SELF WELCOME BONUS i.e. 25 VIBPAY + 25 VPOINTS = 50 POINTS. 2. TEAM WELCOME BONUS INCENTIVE - When a member joins the program through your referial link, You will become eligible for TEAM WELCOME BONUS i.e. 25 VIBPAY + 25 VPOINTS = 50 POINTS. 3. SELF PURCHASE INCENTIVE - You will become eligible for RAINBOW OF WEALTH - AUTOPOOL SYSTEM (NON WORKING INCENTIVE) as shown below, Payable after you refer atleast 1 Direct Paid Member in the program. 4. UNILEVEL INCENTIVE - will be distributed in 10 levels as shown below. 5. DOWNLINE SAFETY INCENTIVE - 25% of upline income will be deducted and distributed equally among the working members of their direct 2 levels. 6. RANK ACHIEVEMENT - Only DSA's are eligible for payout. A) REGULAR DSA - Refer 1 Direct Paid members. B) BRONZE DSA - Refer 7 Direct Paid members OR Self Purchase 14 Packages. C) SILVER DSA - Refer 14 Direct Paid members OR Self Purchase 28 Packages. D) GOLD DSA - Refer 21 Direct Paid members OR Self Purchase 42 Packages. 7. TURNOVER BASED ROYALTY INCENTIVE - 6% of Prime Package sales will be distributed in 3 ranks as shown in the table below. 8. REWARDS & RECOGNITION will be awarded to eligible members from time to time. ***DOWNLINE SAFETY INCENTIVE (DSI)*** FIRST TIME EVER IN NETWORK MARKETING 1. DOWNLINE SAFETY INCENTIVE – 25% of upline income will be deducted and will be distributed equally among the working members (A Direct Member who has atleast Direct Paid Child) in the first 2 levels of their team. 2. Most of the Network Marketing Programs fail because the downline member are demotivated as they do not receive any income due to reasons like joining late into the system, etc. DSI will motivate your team also to get more business and thereby increase your income. 3. DSI of the working member is ascertained by the number of Direct Paid Child they have referred into the program. 4. For Example : If DSI is 500 per member and Direct Paid Child referred by the member is 3, then the DSI Eligibility of the member will become 1500 points and so on based on the number of paid childs. 5. More the number of paid child more the DSI Eligibility. DSI will be credited till the time Eligibility & Balance DSI Payable become equal to ZERO. ***TERMS AND CONDITIONS*** NOTE : This is not an INVESTMENT scheme. This is a sales promotion referral marketing plan for our product packages and services. 1. Only one ID per Mobile number. 2. One Paid referral compulsory for payout through bank or online transfer. 3. Capping and Flushing may be introduced to ensure the smooth working and sustainability of the program. 4. Admin charges 15% of the payout amount. 5. Payouts will be released 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of every month. 6. In case of holiday payment will be released from the next working day. 7. First Payment will be made once you reach atleast 200 VIBPAY, From Second Payment onwards minimum 500 VIBPAY is required. 8. If VIBPAY is less than 500 it will be carried over to the next payment cycle. 9. KYC is compulsory for release of payment. 10. These terms and conditions may be altered if needed, without prior notice for better management of the program. NOTE - PAID DIRECT MEMBERS SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST ONE PAID REFERRAL. Phone Number +91 85550 94464 Whats App Number 9849397314 Email Address [email protected] Bank Details Bank Name -- BANDHAN BANK A/C Name -- MAARUTI TRADELINK A/C No. -- 10160005067097 IFSC CODE -- BDBL0001624 BRANCH -- SECUNDERABAD Paytm Details Paytm No -- 98493 97314 TEZ Details TEZ NO -- 98493 97314 KINDLY SEND THE SCREENSHOT OF PAYMENT TO WHATSAPP NUMBER "9849397314"

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