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 MMM INDIA is Khalid Basha 918892781811 MMM motto We Can Do A Lot We Are Changing The World Today you GIVE HELP &ndash tomorrow you will GET HELP The structure of  MMMINDIA &ndash is simple and transparent The System MMM "Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox" - this is the first Social Financial Structured Network. We cannot call Social Financial Network MMM INDIA is an organisation or a company. What it is - is a community or social unit of like-minded people. The main source of information is only the official web-site of Mr. Sergei PanteleevichMavrodi. Now let&rsquos make some important things clear. Social Financial Network MMM INDIA does not provide any financial services. All transactions that occur in MMM will be in confidence between the participants without any promises or any kind of guarantees. &bull No storage centres for money - the money is physically dispersed in the bank accounts of participants living around the world. If the international oligarchic government wants to eliminate the System  MMM INDIA by force, it will have to close all the banks in the world, which will inevitably lead to a financial apocalypse MMM India &ndash is a complete revolution of the financial relations between people.  MMM INDIA &ndash is mutual aid, trust and support This mutual aid, trust and support never existed in any financial relations between people before. And this revolution will replace unjust financial and bank system. MMM India &ndash is the cell of the future. A bright future That we ourselves, with our own hands, must build. If not us, then who? Together - We Can Do A Lot Together - We Are Changing The World For Reg. with ful support Please Send your Details. Full Name                  E-mail Id gmail only Cell No                       Date of Birth              Place                           Contact for more details. Khalid Basha100's  

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