THIS IS A NEW DONATION PLAN LAUNCHING FROM TODAYALL OVER INDIA LEADERS ARE INVITED GOOD FOR LEADERS SEE THE INCOME PLAN HELPINGCHARITY.NETSPONSOR ID HC76101544Contact 919911449009 DONATION AMOUNT START FROM- 2000, 5000,10000, 20000,30000, 40000, 50000. Monthly GEOWRH UPTO 30 PER MONTH  LAUNCH OFFER- 60 Bonus The limits for donation for each donor is minimum Rs. 2000- to maximum Rs. 50000- at a particular time.The system consists of two main buttons Give donation and get donation. The moments you register, you press the give donation Buttons, which means you are, agree to transfer your donation as per request given to you.After confirmation of your request you are also eligible to get donation in different ways by other donors. A request for to get donation may or may not be occur within a month.As per the request of the system, a donor must transfer donation within 48 hours, from hisher personal account to the account of the specified donor.  Although system gives more hours if it is a week-end or holidays. In case the donor refused to transfer the donation as per the system&rsquos request this particular donor will be permanently deleted from this system. As a donor you are eligible for 10 to 20 Bonus on each new donor which have been brought by you in this system. Bonus will be released against the donation request for your entire efforts. SPONSOR ID HC76101544TO BECOME MANAGER IN THIS SYSTEM -MIN 10 DIRECT DONOR AND 2 LAC CONFIRM DONATIONSPACIAL BONUS--- IF  YOU WANT TO BECOME MANAGER HERE......YOU MUST BRING AT LEAST 10 DONOR IN THIS SYSTEM AND YOUR TEAM GIVE AT LEAST 2 LAC .DONATION TO THE NEEDY PERSON THROUGH THIS SPACIAL SITE. SPACIAL BONUS ONLY BY 30 MAY 2013   DONATION AMOUNT                 BONUS 1- 2 LAC CONFIRM DONATION  -    20,000- 2- 10 LAC CONFIRM DONATION -   2,00,000- 3- 20 LAC CONFIRM DONATION -   5,00.000- 4- 30 LAC CONFIRM DONATION -  7,00,000- 5- 50 LAC CONFIRM DONATION -  10,00,000- all bonus are on next to next donation basis. LEVEL INCOME FOR MANAGERS- UPTO 10TH LEVEL10 1ST 52ND 43RD 34TH 25TH 16TH 17TH 18TH 19TH 110TH 1                                                Note-.1 mobile and 1 email id can be register for 3 id2. After " GIVE DONATION" you will get order to transfer the fund after       3 days3. Minimum Withdrawl Request RS. 1000 4. Rejected id will get new Buyer after 24 hour.  SPONSOR ID HC76101544Contact 919911449009

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