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Dear All,Great Opportunity for You.JOIN WITH POWER LEG CALL 09826666656 & 09300370790 1.BINARY INCOME  First Pair IncomeDistributor has to introduce two persons directly in his first level by promoting the package , then any one of the introduced member has to promote one package then the member will be eligible for incentives.Requirement for 2 on the Left side and 1 on Right side OR 1 on the Left side and 2 on Right side, When you introduce down-line then you earn Rs.500- and first pair 21 or 12 is completed.Unlimited Pair IncomeAdditional requirement for 1 on the Left side and 1 on Right side, 11 Rs. 500- Unlimited2.SPILL INCOMEA member who will direct refer a member after two direct referral, will be eligible for spill income. Heshe will get Rs.250- for each direct referral.3.Survey Income   You can register yourself by paying only Rs. 501-. After upgrade your ID by paying only Rs. 3500- you get survey.Survey Income - For every topic you get Rs. 250- only. There are two topics in a weekly survey. You get Rs.500- You get survey for 52 weeks.DIRECT SPONSORING SURVEY INCOME - PER TOPIC Rs.40- i. e. Every Week you get two 402 Rs.80-Survey Time -Starting Time Every WednesdayEnding Time   Every TuesdayNote -I. For GRM Planet Survey your joining should be up to Tuesday. Then you get survey on Wednesday.II. When you complete your Rs.1000 for survey, Then your income will be transferred into your Bank Account.lll. For Binary Income your one left and one right referral are must.iV. Binary closing date is every Saturday. You can see your income on Sunday in your account. And Bank Transfer in Your bank account Monday to Wednesday.4.Income Deduction- With PAN CardDeduction is 10 i.e. 10 for TDS Without PAN CardDeduction is 20 Admin ChargesDeduction is 10   Mandatory Charges  Monsoon Bonanza Sl. No Pair Amount Products 1 10 Pairs 4000- Mobile 2 25 Pairs 16000- Mini Laptop 3 50 pairs 28000- Laptop 4 100 Pairs 50000- Bike 5 200 Pairs 100000- TATA NANO 6 400 Pairs 2,50,000- WAGON R 7 1000 Pairs 500000- POLO Car 8 2000 Pairs   10,00000-   TATA Safari 9 4000 Pairs 12,50000- Honda Civic 10   7000 Pairs   22,50000- Toyota Fortuner 11 10000 Pairs 27,50000- BMW 3 Series 12 15000 Pairs 35,00000- MERCEDES E-CLASS 13 20000 Pairs 42,50000- BMW 5 SERIES 14 30000 Pairs 65,00000- AUDI Q7 15 50000 Pairs 10500000- BMW 7 SERIES    
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