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Youtybe Video Linkhttps://youtu.be/VRP5QHQg8Og
Magic Pool Income100TRX will be collected from every joining and total collection will be distributed among equally next day
Note:- Magic Pool Income will be off after earning of 1000TRX
 Direct Income100% direct income will be given  250 TRX*
In Upgradations 60% as Upline Placements and 40% to sponsors will be distributed2 Type of Income1 -Binarical Matrix(7 Level main structure) EARNING 1CR 90 LAKH TRX2 -Trinary Matrix(Optional Hybrid 5 Levels)==EARNING 2.25CR
Start with 350 TRX (appox. 850₹ ) and earn 4,41,76,100 TRXBinarical Matrix 7 Level
350 TRX ( earnings = 500 trx from 2 direct referral )*500 TRX ( earnings = 1,100 trx )900 TRX ( earnings = 4,800 trx )2,400 TRX ( earnings = 30,400 trx )8,,000 TRX ( earnings = 2,32,000 trx )24,000 TRX ( earnings = 14,76,000 trx )60,000 TRX ( earnings = 76,80,000 trx )
Smart Matrix 5 Level In matrix all placements will automatically and no need to work here

Smart Matrix9,000 TRX ( earnings = 57,000 trx )Silver Matrix48,000 TRX ( earnings = 3.04 lakh trx )Gold Matrix1,44,000 TRX ( earnings = 9.12 lakh trx )Royal Matrix3,60,000 TRX ( earnings = 22.80 lakh trx )27,00,000 TRX ( earnings = 2.25 CR trx )
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 Joining linkhttps://tronq.me/registration?userid=19770

TRONQ is completely Decentralised platform and Tron blockchain smart contract which is verified.100% safeno riskpeer to peer Transaction 100% Transparency payment will be direct in your Tron walletYou can cash your Trons by selling it on Wazir X, Swith Coin etc.
TRONQ doest involves any third partyTronQ is not any fruad and it will not close because TronQ is completely decentralized and verified Smart Contract. TronQ has been launched with blockchain and can not be stopped by any efforts* No need to withdraw as Trons will be directly added to your wallet automatically. You have the total control of your earnings
Join with us and earn daily
How to join withTRON LINK PRO WALLET
STEP 1: Download TRON LINK PRO WALLET from Playstore then create & verify your account firstSTEP 2: Now 360 TRX in that account through any exchange
STEP 3 : Copy and paste the sponsor link in DAPPS Server available on Tron Pro Link and EnterSTEP 4 : First open the wallet, go to "My" then "Advance Future" & then "DAPP" and click here. Now paste Sponsor link here and press search
STEP 5 : Pay 350 TRON

Now Start With TronQ
Whatsapp group link https://chat.whatsapp.com/IFh8zk6KCEw6GJbJUOqwxw
Tronq Website
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