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Miraculous & Unbelievable Pain Relief Product � Eternal Spray by DTGL

Single product Multiple Benefits � DTGL - Eternal Spray, A Unique Product !!!!!

Dream Touch Global (DTG) Private Limited is a product based company and is being enlightened under the guidance of Dr. A. R. Raja, who is very creative in marketing ideas to clients and also direct them to the right direction.

The company offers its own manufactured various products like DTG Boost up Lifecells, DTG Amla Juice, DTG Green Tea, DTG Fuel Saver, DTG V Safe, DTG Eternal Spray, etc. But in this Article, I am going to present the product DTG Detox Spray, and the concept came from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This product is now available in more than 20 states of India. It�s headquarter is based in Bangalore. The product manufacturing happens in Madurai.

The spray product which was given the name as Detox Spray gives you the relief from tip to toe in just 7 seconds after spraying it over. It is surprising, but it is the truth as well. It is beneficial for your neck, your back, your spine, tooth, headache, joint pain etc. within 7 seven seconds to 72 hours and will give you 100% result and satisfaction.

Post applying the product, you will feel the presence of it on your body until 72 hours. (It doesn�t mean you will not take a bath for 72 hours:-P, Jokes Apart)

As I said, this product helps you in problems from Tip to Toe, so whenever someone feels the condition of heart attack or chest pain, just spray it four times, and the pain will get controlled. To know more about the product, Whatsapp@ +91 - 8073089141 ( )

How the product works:

You must be thinking that how only one spray can benefit all our health problems like heart, piles or another problem. So, let me make it clear that it doesn�t work on our various diseases, it works on our body organs or cells. It converts the acid into alkaline.

The spray helps in fighting the bad body cells, it revives and regenerate our good cells, gives energy to our cells due to which our body starts functioning properly removing all the diseases and soothe the pain.

If your pain is normal or it has started recently, then you will get relief by spraying it over for two-three times, however, if your pain is persisting since long say, 4 to 5 years, it may take time to heal it completely. And you may need to increase the dosage, or we can say, you need to spray it for some time, but for sure, you will get relief from that long time pain too.

Benefits of Eternal Spray :-

1 . Helps in Mouth Ulcers

2 . Maintain BP and Sugar Level

3. Lessen the Pain during Menstruation

4. Helps in Poisonous Animal Bites

5. Helps in Electric Shock

6 . Help Reduce Toxic from Food and Increase the Natural Taste

7. Retain the Stability of Milk

8. Keep the Yogurt Fresh

9. Completely Organic

10. Keep the Fruits & Vegetables Fresh

Helps in Various Diseases

Facilitates safe and effective detoxification
Relief of aches, pains, spasms
Elevates mood and relieves stress
Helps maintain proper muscle function
Supports a healthy immune system, prevents from various infection causing microbes
Balances the hormonal system
Calms overactive nerves
Improves the quality of sleep
Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
Lessens the pain during menstruation
Improves & strengthens bones, joints & teeth
Helpful for neuro disorders
Increases energy, vitality & improves health. Click here to know 10 Disturbing Signs Your Body Is Lacking Iron
Relaxes muscles / reduce muscle tension
Improves cardiovascular / heart health Ideal for arthritis/fibromyalgia/joint pain
Eases headaches and migraine headaches
In sports � replenishes mineral levels for energy
Helps to absorb vital minerals and vitamins
Supports body antioxidant systems
Support healthy endocrine system
Maintains metabolic rate & pH balance of the body
The spray is beneficial in paralysis, disk slipping, neck problems
Helps in piles, kidney or liver problems or skin problems like rashes or scratches on any part of the body
Can help in different types of Cancer also

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