NEW MLM INVESTMENT BUSINESS 21 25 MONTHLY FOR 10 MONTHS, AMOUNT BANK AC, 10 BINARY, 10 REFERRAL, 3 TEAM BONUS, 100 SUPER BONUSPosted on JuBank withdrawal New MLM Investment Plan Visarev PROFITSAmount directly credits to your Bank AccountWithdraw Ur amount at any ATMs throughout the world21 25 monthly for 10 months10 Income on Binary10 income on Direct Referral3 will be Team Bonus100 Super Team BonusABOUT THE COMPANYUnipay has come up with Globalized e-currency called Unigateway where u can withdraw your amount at any ATMs throughout the worldUnigateway is the currency u will be getting in Visarev Business PlanINVESTMENT 3 PACKAGESBronze Package-         60 ID Cost-         500 3,000 Investment-        21 for 10 MonthsSilver Package-         180 ID cost-         500 15,000 Investment-         23 for 10 monthsGold Package-         180 ID cost-         500 30,000 Investment-         25 for 10 monthsBINARY INCOME- 2Binary Income on the Investments 10U 1000U 1000BPSPGP10U 100U 3000U 3000BPSPGP10U 300U 15000U 15000BPSPGP10U 1500U 30000U 30000SPGP10U 3000U 50000U 50000SPGP10U 5000U 100000U 100000GP10U 1000010 Binary Income on ID Business start up planDIRECT SPOT REFERRAL10 Direct Referral on InvestmentGOLD MERCHANT MATCHING BONUS3 will be the extra income u will receive as Team Bonus from your down lines till 10th levelSUPER TEAM BONUS100 Matching Bonus-         3030 right left-         No time limit-         no Generation Limit-         Infinity MatchingTop MLM Leaders are joining and successfully making money. Be a Part of Winning Team. Get the most out of Ur Investment.Web site www.visarev.comIf u have any doubt contact me on my cell number 918878629380Regards,

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