EARLY BIRD REWARDS 60 days Pairs Rewards Image 3 DVD Player 6 QUERTY Mobile microwave 12 tablet pc Mini Netbook 20 Netbook 10" 30 Netbook Sony Digital camera These are permanent rewards for all new associates who have joined on or before 12th April 2011. You have 60 days to qualify for any 1 of the following awards. Minimum 2 Directs 1 each side is compulsory to earn these awards. Associates who cross 30 pairs will be eligible to win additional Summer Bonanza awards when the cross 45 Pairs. SUMMER BONANZA 12 April - 21 May Pairs Rewards Image 5 DVD Player 10 Fuji Digicam Nokia Qwerty Phone 15 Tablet PC "7" 30 Notebook 10" Soni Handycam 45 6Night 7Day's Bangkok Laptop 12"HP 75 42" LCD Bike 125 Bike Notebook 175 Yamaha R15 250 Tata Nano 500 Chevrolet Spark 750 Maruti Swift 1100 Volkswagen Vento 1500 Chevrolet Cruize 2000 Ford Endeavor 3000 Audi Mercedes These rewards will be applicable for all paid associates that have joined under your Binary tree between 12th April 2011 &ndash 21st Mat 2011. Only Fresh Pairs. You can win any 1 of the following rewards. LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT REWARDS Pairs Rewards 500 40,000 1000 84,000 2500 2,20,000 5000 4,60,000 7500 7,20,000 12000 12,00,000 20000 20,80,000 30000 32,40,000 45000 50,40,000 65000 75,40,000 90000 1,08,00,000 125000 1,55,00,000 These awards can be achieved for all fresh pairs starting 12th April 2011. No Time duration to achieve them. These will be LIFE TIME Rewards. Rewards applicable on the NEXT number of pairs to be achieved.             Hello, BRAND NEW CONCEPT WEBSITE LEASING N RENTING BUSINESS FOR PM EARN HUGE INCOME WEEKLY  GAML also opens the door for Direct Client interaction, wherein you yourself can become a self dependent independent internet marketer & start publishing advertisements yourself. You an additional Advertising income wherein just by logging into your mails and by reading advertisements, signing up, sharing opinions, playing games and by downloading application you can earn on a regular basis. GAML will not only give you an Advertising Income on a regular basis but also our dynamic business plan will open the door of money directly into your bank accounts. Right time to join and be ahead of others. SECURE YOUR POSITION SOON COME AND JOIN HANDS WITH US. VISIT FOR REGISTRATION CONTACT&hellip09215588227  Dharminder Dhiman  <             DEAR FRIEND>>WWW.WEBPAYSU.COM LAUNCH & RUNING  1st,FEB FAST SO SEE BUSINESS CONCEPT TAKE & RIGH TIME>>RIGHT POSITION START EVERY WHERE ONE BY ONE CALL ME MORE INFO.>07206980027 PROMTER INDIA               .       .    SEE TOP WEEKELY 10 EARNER DHARMINDER DHIMAN GAML2290 ON   CALL-- DHARMINDER DHIMAN -07206980027     EMAIL-  VE                  "Make Rs.20,000 & above per month by just doing the surveys. Start right now and start making money by doing simple survey." Business Plan Packages  Joining amount Basic INR 15,000 Advanced INR 25,000 Professional INR 50,000 . 1. Direct Referral Spill Income Basic 15,000 INR 1000 Direct Spill    Advanced 25,000 INR 2000 Direct Spill    Professional 50,000 INR 5000 Direct Spill 2. Binary Income  Per Pair 11 You will be entitled to a minimum pair of INR 1000- pair or as per the following calculationwhichever is more Pair Rate  No. Of Joinings in Current Payout  X   4500                      Total New Pairs in the Current Payout Binary Income Total New Pairs  X Pair Rate   Example If there are 200 new joinings in a particular week in the company and 100 new pairs have been formed then Pair Rate 4500 x 200 100 9000 pair rate. Similarly, If there are 200 new joinings in a particular week in the company and 200 new pairs have been formed then Pair Rate 4500 x 200 200 4500 pair rate. 3. Monthly Rental With Royalty Rental "' Royalty Rental wil be added to your Monthly Lease Rent and will be paid for Life" S.No Joining Option Monthly Rental Royalty Rental for Sponsor For 1st Parent For 2nd Parent 1. Basic INR 15,000 Basic 1500 Lease Rent month 50 50 50 2. Advanced INR 25,000 Advances INR 3000 Lease Rent month 100 100 100 3. Professional INR 50,000 Professional INR 7000 Lease Rentmonth 200 200 200 4. Royalty Club Income "Income deposited in the royalty club will be divided equally amongst all who have qualified for that club" S.NO Pairs Per ID Collection in the Pool 1. 256 40 2. 512 30 3. 1024 20 4. 2048 10 6. Online Advertising Income Basic                 INR 2500 Advanced          INR 5000 Professional     INR 9000 Income generated through this system will be purely performance based & dependent upon how efficiently you work upon them. You shall receive maximum 100 mailers a month that have to be worked upon once within 7 days of receipt of the mail else the mail shall expire and no credits will be rewarded. All unsuccessful attempts in completion of surveys registrations will also not be credited. All mails carry equal credits. The Online Advertising Income will be credited to your web-wallet on the 1st of every month on a net 60 basis. This income will start w.e.f 15th February 2011.   I not only got a website made at an unbelieveable price but am also enjoying the lease rentals every month. Mr.James.C.Hooper, UK Truly the only organization in the world that not only develops your website but also pays you monthly, on time, every time. Mr. Jamshed Hazari, UK WOW Its just amazing to have not just my own website but also financial freedom. Ms. Shiana Wilson, US I got SEO Services, Web Development at 10 of the market cost. Truly Outstanding. Mr. Abhishek Shukla, India      www.webpaysu.comDHARMINDER DHIMAN GAML2290 CALL ME NOW-7206980027E-MAIL-kumar.param.1968gmail.comNOW   AND   NOW   SOON   AS   SOON    POSSIBLE  

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