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 MMMINDIA.IN MONEY LIVES HERE      Cash Flow Quadrant 4     E SE-- ,S-- 80 B I B--  5,I--5 15 20 ,   .  mlm  mavrodi 100                                                                           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ,       sergey-mavrodi   mmmindia                                                                        ------                   5000       2500     7500-     30   9750-  31                                                                                                                - OPPORTUNITY - FAKE CONCEPT FACE VALUE - 1- , 2- 1 1   30 5000-  ,3- 4 ID 4-   5000 - 50,000- 5- WITHDRAWAL 500- 4 5 6- WITHDRAW 1 7- DIRECT REFERRAL 10  1st Level- 3, 2nd Level- 1, 3rd Level- 0.5, 4th Level- 0.25, 5th Level onwards- 0.1 The Legal side of MMMThe MMM is a Social financial network.The Social Financial Network is completely legal. The functioning of the network is based on the constitutional right of any person to act without any restrictions with their private property &ndash money. Accordingly, they transfer their money to another person in the world as an aid without any commitments or guarantees however, hoping to receive back the same. Surprisingly, but these hopes come trueIt is important that mutual relations of the Network members are not formed on the base of Business deal or business transaction legal or contractual guarantees because their aim is not to establish a commitment. Respectively, agreement of the members is undetermined and it doesn&rsquot impose any rights or obligations to the parties. Legally it is not a donation, because a donation would be considered as a business transaction. This interpretation of the process allows to bypass all limitation of legislation because the actions are based on mutual trust &ndash foreseeable action of other members.It should be taken into account that the word &ldquodeposit&rdquo is used in the Network due to convenience. It would be correct to use the word &ldquoinstalment&rdquo that is a transfer in favour of another member who has received a pay-out. Banking supervisory bodies cannot regulate the money circulation of the Network members because there are no legal or contractual guarantees between the members.Consumer rights also cannot be applied here. Mutual exchange between the members with resources has nothing to do with commercial activity. Here is no commerce, trade, no products, no services, no consumers, and no guarantees. Due to the instability of relation where participate an indefinite number of persons, it is impossible to detect systematic economic activity, actual remuneration or profit that are the main criteria of business transactions.Whilst the existing financial system is still operating, it is impossible to adopt laws that would restrict the functioning of a pyramid created by private persons because it doesn&rsquot exist in reality. It is formed online on the grounds of mutual trust, and the formulation &ldquofinancial pyramid&rdquo precisely corresponds as well to the functioning of the banks.  Therefore it is not logic to prohibit what would destroy the existing financial system.If you are are not sure about other legal aspects, which, in your opinion, are not covered here consult a lawyer.Organizational differences between MMM and other financial pyramids1. First time in history that a pyramid is open, at the same time &ndash 100 legal.2. It consists of individuals &ndash as a group of interests.3. There is no main beneficiary. There are same rules for everyone.4. Internet is at the core of its development. The news are passed via websites, emails, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Due to this, the potential negative impact of mass media is reduced considerably.5. The deposit system - money accumulates even faster, pay-outs are predictable and the system is more stable.6. Thanks to internet, the network is not limited to any country, nor is it locked with a specific currency. It&rsquos working worldwide already7. It has no central office or money storage which in the past has been a problematic part of pyramids. Participants store the money themselves. -----    100                     8009365163 10                               9984813500        10                      9627260857         10                      9358899666     10             9387526064      10                      8574552702   10                    9214307986   10                      9416337627         10                           9041509364       10                       9988509588   10                        9254214198

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