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MLM AAJTAK is not Favoring or Satish Chand neither we are in Faver Mr.Vinod Sharma . When Mr.Vinod Sharma First Approached us we Started Investigation and Had Given a Negative Rating on as Not Paying .Seeing this The M.D Mr.Satish Chand Contacted us and Justified the situation that they are legal and submitted all documents time to time .In this case MLM AAJTAK finds Company is true and when we approached back again to Mr.Vinod Sharma to at least give one proof against company that they have cheated him and his team his wording were &ldquoRasheed ji mera paas koi proof nahee hai laikin Public Hai&rdquo what does this mean any ways we still wanted to fight for him and we decided to give as Problem Status and we re opened the case against in turn we also asked Mr.vinod Sharma to Provide any documentary evidence against company one deposit slip of money or one transaction which is sent to company .Mr.Vinod Sharma &lsquos Team Member &ldquoJay Prakaash &rdquo Contact No 91 9736315812 sent an email from this email id &ndash the bhaskar , .. &ndash 13 2012 thehaskar httpwww.thebhaskar.com201205proin213.html proin2 2 i .d , , , &ndash - proin2 &lsquo&rsquo , franchahise , franchaise proin2 , &ndash 91 9736315812 &rdquoMLM AAJTAK Called up Jay prakaash from our contact number &rdquo 9953476172 &rdquo to esquire about the complaint but to be surprised Jay Prakaash straight away denied that he never wrote such complaint to MLM AAJTAK and also said that email id is not his it is a fake one and he has nothing to do with matter, He requested for one small help that he want to get his information deleted from which is published he was not the person who wrote .Know the big Question to you Public Whom to Believe and as to how MLM AAJTAK Take the action against Vinod Sharma&rsquos Complaint when no proof is available.

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