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individual to rejuvenate whole body through herbal medications. The objective of selling/marketing through Direct Marketing is to spread awareness about and make available quality products and services to masses at large through publicity by mouth by users themselves.


Jeevan Anand Kit (3000 Rs)
1 - Tulsi Drops(30ml) worth Rs. 600
1 - Men Care(20 Capsules) worth Rs. 1200
1 - WoMen Care(15ml) worth Rs. 1200
S no. Package Cost Package PV Daily Cap
1. 3000 1 Kit 1 2,000
2. 6000 2 Kit 2 4,000
3. 12,000 4 Kit 4 8,000
Team Bonus per PV Match = 1000Rs
Team Bonus income depends on your team first sale matching business
Daily Closing [time:- 12PM ]
Daily capping applicable according to purchase kit.
Weekly Payout Closing on Sunday
Weekly payment release to thursday,Minimum 500 Rs.
Retail Bonus income is depends on group sales business of current month
Group sales commission is distributed in group according to rank and commission percentage.
Rank is depends on last month or current month group sales
Closing Monthly, last day of month.
Minimum 300 BV self purchase required
Rank Designation % Group Business on month
1. Associates 10% 0 - 5,000
2. Executive 20% 5,001 - 10,000
3. Manager 30% 10,001 - 25,000
4. General Manager 40% 25,001 - 50000
5. Vice President 50% 50000 - 100000
6. President 60% 1 Lac Above
Note :- Retail Bonus Depends on Group Sales.

After Reach at 60% of group sales
Income is equally distributed in all director in club
Minimum 1000 BV self purchase required
Rank Designation % Rules
7. Executive Director 5% of Company Sales Min. 2 month 1lac+ group sales
8. Sr. Director 3% of Company Sales Min. 1 exe. director in downline
9. Chief Director 2% of Company Sales Min. 1 sr. director in downline
Note :- Director Bonus Depends on Company Sales and Equally distributed in all directors.
If you purchase more than 2000BV in a month.
You will be eligible for cash back income .
30% of BV of Company turnover will be equally distributed in all Achievers
TDS 5 % or TDS 10%(for non-pancard) Deduction.
Admin Charge = 10 % Deduction.
Repurchase 10 % Deduction.
Daily Capping as per purchase kit.
Trimming will be applicable if required.
Only 1 ID from a ADHAR-CARD
Joining free, but if not activated after 15 days of joining, ID will be de-activated
minimum payout 500 Rs.
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