piyush sharma 8009365163 THE BHASKAR 16    , MEGAFINE AGRO CONCEPT LTD  1-Megafine Agro Concepts Ltd.2-Megafine Realtors Pvt. Ltd.3-Megafine Inestment & Finance Consultant Pvt. Ltd.4 - Megafine Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.5-Megafine Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd.6-Megafine Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd.7-Megafine Hospitalities & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.8-Megafine Krishi Trust.9-Megafine Co-Op Credit Society Ltd.10-Megafine Medical, Education & Social Foundation .    --                                      AQUA FARMING                                    40 ACRES OF OWNERSHIP LAND AT VILLAGE - KELWA, TALUKA - PALGHAR, DIST-THANE.&bull NUMBER OF PONDS -9.&bull UNDER CONSTRUCTION Â&euro" 4.&bull PRESENT PRODUCTION CAPACITY 45 TONS.&bull 2 CROPS IN A YEAR.&bull PER CROP 6 TO 7 MONTHS.&bull PROFIT RATIO 50 TO 60&bull MARKET 100 EXPORT LOCAL MARKET&bull SUBSIDY AVAILABLE                                             AGRI TRADE                                               &bull PURCHASE OF VEGETABLE AND FRUITS FROM THE CHAIN OF FARMERS ON DAILY BASIS CONTRACT BASIS.&bull SUPPLY OF VEGETABLES TO THE VARIOUS MARKETS OF MAHARASHTRA & GUJRAT.&bull DAILY MINIMUM 100 TONS SUPPLY.&bull SEASONAL FRUITS & VEGETABLE SPECIALITY.&bull CASH BUSINESS.&bull RATIO OF PROFIT VARIES FROM 3 TO 5 PER DAY.&bull HI-TECH VEGETABLE FARMING.                                      AGRICULTURE ACTIVITY                                   &bull CULTIVATION OF SEASONAL VEGETABLES, FRUITS & MEDICINAL PLANTS. SUCH AS - GAWAR, BRINJAL, PARWAR,   GREEN CHILLI. ETC. & IN MEDICINAL PLANTS SUCH AS - ASHWAGANDHA, SARPAGANDHA ETC.&bull 4 CROPS&bull AREA COVERED 20 ACRES&bull PROFIT RATIO 50 TO 60 &bull MARKET LOCAL WHOLESALE&bull SUBSIDY AVAILABLE                                              FLORICULTURE ACTIVITY                                             &bull CULTIVATION OF INDIAN TRADITIONAL FLOWER ZENDU, MOGRA, SANSAFA, LILLY ETC.&bull AREA COVERED FOR FLORICULTURE 30 ACRES.&bull CONTRACT FARMING&bull 3 CROPS OF TRADITIONAL FLOWER OR AS PER MARKET DEMAND.&bull PROFIT RATIO 60&bull MARKET - LOCAL WHOLESALE MUMBAI NASIK KALYAN &bull SUBSIDY AVAILABLE                                                      ANIMAL HUSBANDARY                                                    &bull EMU FARMING&bull GAVTHI POULTRY FARMING&bull CATTLE FARMING&bull CONTRACT FARMING&bull PROFIT MARGIN 50&bull MARKET - LOCAL OTHER STATE OF INDIA&bull SUBSIDY AVAILABLE                                Megafine Investment & Finance Consultant Pvt. Ltd.                              CORPORATE AGENT FOR&bull BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD&bull AGRI TRADE&bull FUTURE GENERLI INDIA INSURANCE CO. LTD.                              MAGAFINE AUTOMOTIVE PVT. LTD.                            BUYING & SELLING OF BANK SEIZED VEHICLE ON CONTRACT BASIS.SELLING MARKET&bull DIRECT DEALER&bull MARKET RATIO 30                              MEGAFINE REALTORS PVT. LTD.                             &bull N.A. PLOTS&bull COMMERCIAL NON COMMERCIAL GALAS&bull RAW HOUSES&bull BUNGALOW SCHEMES&bull FARM HOUSES WADI PROJECT&bull RESORTS&bull LAND DEVELOPMENTS. 850     -----       rs - 25000-      12     2083principal 2917ROI                                    5000.00        Less Admin charges                                               250.00        TDS 10                                                             291.00Total Amount receivable per month by cheque           4458.00Total Amount Received iin 12 months                    53496.00 TDS Certificate for Rs. 3492.00For members registered by your down line and others below them you getLevel 2               2Level 3 - 5         1Level 6 - 10       0.5Level 11 - 20     0.25  ----httpwww.megafineltd.comuserpagesCarrer.aspxpiyush sharma8009365163

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