Medication Is Generally Safe

Medication Is Generally Safe

Ovulation can be stimulated or made to occur at regular intervals by taking the medicine clomiphene citrate, which is marketed under the trade name Clomid. Clomiphene citrate is a medication that can be taken orally. If you have been unable to conceive naturally and have been diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction and/or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), then your primary care physician or gynecologist may recommend that you take Clomid in order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Clomid is available as oral tablets, each of which contains 50 mg of clomiphene citrate USP and several other inactive ingredients such as lactose, sucrose, cornstarch, and magnesium stearate. Clomid is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis US LLC, a pharmaceutical company that was established in 1950 and is based in Bridgewater, New Jersey.
Because it works by stimulating ovulation, Clomid makes it more likely that a woman will become pregnant while taking it. In layman's terms, its mechanism of action is as follows: it deceives the brain into believing that estrogen levels are lower than they actually are, which causes the pituitary gland to begin producing greater quantities of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Increased levels of FSH cause the ovary to generate one or more egg follicles, which will then mature and be released during the process of ovulation. These egg follicles can be stimulated to produce by higher amounts of FSH. Ovulation is stimulated when there are high levels of the hormone LH, and when there are more eggs produced from the ovaries, there are more chances for a male to fertilize an egg.
Clomid is typically used once daily for five consecutive days commencing just before to the onset of the menstrual cycle. Depending on how the physician anticipates the patient will react to the prescribed medication, they may often prescribe one, two, three, or even occasionally four tablets to be taken at the same time each day. It is typical to begin treatment with the smallest possible dose and to gradually increase it as directed. It is highly suggested that Clomid be administered at around the same time each day. The majority of patients find that taking it in the evening before going to bed is most convenient since it enables them to sleep through a number of the unfavorable side effects. If you have tried three to six cycles of Clomid without success in conceiving a child, it may be time to consult a fertility doctor and proceed to a more intensive kind of therapy.
The Consequences of Using Clomid
Even though this drug has very few risks, there are a few potential adverse effects that you have to be aware of. Common adverse effects include pain or discomfort in the abdomen region, nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness, changes in mood, headaches, dizziness, and changes in eyesight such as blurring and double vision.
Even though they are relatively uncommon, allergic reactions are always a possibility. Rash, swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue, as well as trouble swallowing or breathing, are some of the symptoms that might accompany an allergic response.
Ovarian hyper-stimulation, which is a phenomenon that is characterized by enlargement of the ovaries, is one of the worst adverse effects of the medication Clomid. If, after taking Clomid, you begin to feel ill, suffer dyspnea, or are having vision abnormalities, you should immediately seek medical attention and cease the therapy.
The usage of Clomid is also linked to a somewhat increased chance of having more than one baby at a time. The percentage hovers about 7 percent for multiple births of the same gender, but it drops to 0.5 percent or below for higher order multiples. You need to discuss this risk and your ability to bear twins or other multiples with your primary care physician as soon as possible.
Where Can I Purchase Clomid Is There?
Clomid may be purchased at both traditional and internet pharmacies; but, because it is only useful for treating infertility in women who meet particular health criteria, it should never be taken without first receiving a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. Because there is a risk of obtaining counterfeit medicines or medicines that have been damaged or that have expired, Clomid should only be obtained from respected traditional and online pharmacies, such as ours. We procure each and every one of our pharmaceuticals from reliable sources, and then we make sure to provide them at the most competitive pricing possible.

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