DHAMAKADHAMAKADHAMAKA ASIA PLAN MAINE AAJ TAK KAHI PAR BHI NAHI DEKHA HAIKIJIS ME NA SURVEY ME, YA MONEY DOUBLEL ME PAISA DUBANE KA KOI DAR. COMAPNY PRE-LUNCHING ME HI DHAMAL KAR RAHI HAITOHTOHTOH2 DIN BAD TO SUPER HIT PLAN KE SATH PURE MLM KO HILA KAR RAKH DEYEGIARE MERE DOSTO&hellip&hellip&hellip.SURVEY, MONEY DOUBLEL ME PAISE KI LALACH ME PAISA AUR WQAT MAT GAWAWO.YAHI SAHI WQAT HAI COMPANY JOIN KARO AUR SOCH SE BHI DUGNA PAISA KAMAO. LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE BASED CONCEPT&hellip.NOW NO NEED TO DO ALL STUPID WORK&hellip  WORK WITH A BIG GROUP IN INDIA AND EARN WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SELF RESPECT&hellip   OUR BUSINESS CONCEPTBE A PART OF OUR BUSINESS FAMILY BY JOINING PACAKAGEOF JUST  Rs.3600- BY WHICH YOU WILL BECOME BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER OF OUR COMPANY.. 1. 1.BDO INCOME You can earn BDO Income of Rs.500- weekly upto 18 months  2. 2.ROYALTY INCOME  When you sponsor a new Business Development Officer, you will be entitle a Royalty of Rs.100- each time your Direct Sponsored BDO earns his BDO Income. Means 100- weekly up to 18 months for each Your Direct BDO.  3. 3.SPONSOR INCOME When you introduce a new BDO to Company, you will be entitle for a Sponsor Income of Rs.300- for each Member     4. 4.BINARY INCOMEBinary income Of Rs.500- Per PairFirst Pair 21 or 12 and thereafter 11 1 PairDaily Capping of Rs.5000-. Means Rs.1, 50,000- MonthlyPower Leg carry Forward.. 5. 5.REWARDS5 pair           FMCG Kit10 pair          Mobile25 pair          Digit-cam100 pair        Laptop300 pair        SWIFT  FOR FREE ENROLMENTTYPE YOUR&hellip NAMECONTACT NO.LOCATION.Email id.AND SEND IT ON 91 9172997388                                91 9172949989                                                                                 TOP LEADERS KIND ATTENTION&hellip  TO BOOK YOUR TOP MOST POSITION andFOR FREE FRANCHISEE... ALSO SMS YOUR TEAM SIZE WITH ABOVE DETAILS TO 91 9029312388

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