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Black magic is practice of mantra. As I have already said that unlimited cosmic energy is present in the Mantra. Black magic is based on the science of sound and the effect of sound is wonderful due to their devotee becomes centralized due to centralization of energy conscious and moral power is generated within. Due to rise of conscious and moral power inside devotee, the negative virtues present in the devotee automatically start diminishing and his inner self-become pure. The evil thoughts of the mind start vanishing. The curtain of impurity dominating the mind starts reducing and person realizes his real self. In totality the JAP result into moral uplift and raise the conscious level. The devotee faces the challenge of each and every difficult he comes across in life and tolerates the odds laughing. His morale remains unmoved or unshaken even at the time of emergency and he faces the difficulties like the rock. The materialistic achievements are also possible by the practice of JAP besides the conscience benefits and conservation of moral.

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  • 31 March, 2017
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