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Lightning is one of the deadliest hazards known to us and is created around 4.5km to 7.5km above the ground caused due to the accumulation of negative charges nigh the sky. This electrostatic discharge finds a conductive path to the ground via the tallest structure to complete the circuit. Negative charges get accumulated during the clouds that can hit any particle, person or structure on the ground which is positively charged if no guarded path is provided. To safeguard people from electrocution and also the buildings or structures from fire hazards, the Protection scheme widely used since years ago is a conventional lightning protection system which is employed to provide a conductive path to the ground. In conjunction to Franklin rods network installation at the highest peak of high rise buildings - Down-Conductor, Earthing System and a Lightning Strike Counters are utilized to execute the complete purpose.
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  • 16 February, 2021
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