Just Launch in india, Invest 0.03 ETH to Earn 1500 Etherium

Hi..Welcome to this amazing business. You can earn 36 ETH every month with very little investment of 0.03 ETH ( $5 ) The smart contract MillionMoney is part of the blockchain. This contract cannot be changed or removed from the blockchain. It's very reliable. More reliable than a Swiss Bank. Scam is impossible. Start with 0.03 eth and invite 2 people. The minimum start is only 0.03 Ethereum, which is $ 5. Create your eternal engine of prosperity! You can earn 36.3 Ethereum and repeat this income every month with the same team! Business goes as follows From 1st level 2 people You will get 0.03x2=0.06 ETH From 2nd level 4 people You will get 0.05x4=0.2 ETH From 3rd level 8 people You will get 0.1x8=0.8 ETH From 4th level 16 people You will get 0.4x16=6.4 ETH From 5th level 32 people You will get 1.0x32=32 ETH To receive commission in every level you have to upgrade your level with your profits To earn money in this program you need trust wallet Install trustwallet for mobile For Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp For iOS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp For Desktop , Install metamask.io Copy and Paste this link in your trustwallet and buy 1st level. It costs you only 0.03 ETH. Its just 5 USD See the below video to learn how to register Joining link: https://lk.million.money/a/25918/ Million money is only for people who can introduce min 2 people under them with just 5 USD. If you can't able to refer people, plz stay away.. Plz leave the group. We don't want any Lazy people. Contact - 8888949185/9284188904

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  • 16 June, 2017
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