just 350u can make a incom of 10lac single leg with product worth1500 JUST LONCH HARIUP FAST

    To be Eligible for any incentives you have to do 2 direct sales. When you sponsor 2 associates through your id you will get sales profit on company sales.   1st level Rs 8000 2nd level Rs 16000 3rd level Rs 32000 4th level Rs 64000 5th level Rs 128000 6th level Rs 256000 7th level Rs 512000   TOTAL - Rs 1016000 CAPPING 45 Sales DAILY   Sponsor Benefits - 10 of Associate's payout Single leg daily closing time midnight 12 AM. On withdrawl request of less than Rs 500 web developement fund of Rs 25 will be charged and on incomes of more than      Rs 500 web development fund will be Rs 50. Deductions - TDS 10.3 Admin charges 5   User charges 4.7 Without PAN card TDS 20 will be deducted as per      Govt norms. Daily Closing Daily Payment . Except Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday  The profit will be shared on the sales of company if in any case there are no sales no profit will be shared simillarly if less     Sale then less profit will be shared. There is no guarantee of profit returns or Company is not responsible for any oral commitment by any associate of the     company. The company may reserve the right  to any changes of business rules of the company without prior notice or any     explanation doing so & incentives are subject to TDS and other taxes as per Govt.Rules. TDS certificate Form 16 will be given to all persons if their yearly incentives are exceeding Rs 5000. PAN number is     compulsory to get this certificate . The Company reserves the right to Modify the Terms and Conditions, products, business and policies,giving prior notice     through its website www.just-350.com and it will be binding on all associates of the Company.pl.cont-09377586868-www.just-com 8485958782-dasbhai gujarat

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