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Welcome to A star profits

(hurry up for top position and get power leg support)

Joining Rs.150

Cash back offer

2% x 100 days

weekly 5 days cashback.

No cashback calculations on Saturdays & sundays

Direct refferal Bonus 10%

Binary Bonus

First pair : 1:2 or 2:1

Next pair : 1:1 unlimited depth

Binary Bonus 50%

1pair per cuttoff

Daily 3 cuttoffs

6am to 2pm, 2pm to10pm and 10pm to 6am

Every 4th pair deduction

Level income

Total 10 levels

Your all Direct refferal is your 1st level
1st level 10%
2nd level 3%
3rd level 2%
4th level 2%
5th level 2%
6th level 1%
7th level 1%
8th level 1%
9th level 1%
10th level 1%

For Binary income, Level income and awards and Rewards Left 1 and Right 1 Direct refferal is compulsory

I'd validity 100 days

For activation Topup your id

After your I'd topup Activation done, your I'd will continue in same placement

weekly sunday Night 11.59pm cuttoff Monday payouts

15% deduction for all payouts

Awards and Rewards

First 10 pairs : Rs.100/-

Next 50 pairs : Rs.250/-

Next 250 pairs : 4g mobile phone

Next 1250 pairs : Alappuzha 2days 1night trip

Next 6250 pairs : Goa 4days 3 Nights trip

Next 31250 pairs : 5 grms gold + Andhaman islands 4 nights 5 days


company: 9092079599

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