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prelaunch prelaunch   ........ join www.suryamilan.comlaunching offer     give help  within 24 hours  and get 20 bonus of provide help  All of you are waiting to know what is the Surya Milan. We would like to make it very clear that this is not a get QUICK RICH SCHEME or any type of Networking Company. This is a simple MUTUAL AID SYSTEM. Now I will explain how Surya Milan IS GOING TO WORK. Our funda lies in Give Help and Get Help, So everyone is free here to join A member can deposit GIVE HELP IS Minimum- 2000 INR. TO Maximum &ndash 30,000 INR. Member can get only one ID by one Mobile Number & E-Mail ID. Your Money deposits are confirmed only after you transfer full 100 amount deposited &ndash to another Member. Member are given guidance and help in Surya Milan by their managers, who in fact control their own teams. Over the Silver Manager is a Gold manager Over the Gold manager is a Dimond Manager Over the 1Dimond Manager is a DIRECTOR The System consists of two main buttons GIVE HELP and GET HELP. The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP button, which means you agree to transfer your money as per request. When you want to Get Help you press the GET HELP button. If participant didn&rsquot press give help within 72 Hours of registration &ndash ID will be automatically deleted from the System As per the request of the System, a member MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the specified member. Also, the System gives more hours if it is a week-end or holiday. In case the member refuses to transfer the money as per the System&rsquos request &ndash this particular member will permanently be DELETED from the System. The particular request is forwarded to another member. When member deposit amount within 24 hours, give him extra 2 on principal amount. When member doesn't deposit money within 48 hours, deduct 20 Re top-up is compulsory, minimum 50 on principal amount & above Member can withdraw amount  on after 4.00pm IST. Since This is a Mutual Social Financial Structure, There is no owner to this system, We all own this system but for Administrative purpose We have appointed "DIRECTOR" RIGHTS to Join NEW Member is initially given to &ldquoDIRECTOR&rdquo Who in return will appoint 10&rsquos manager, Once the Member becomes 10&rsquos Manager he will have RIGHT to add new member. Referral Bonus Every Normal Member will get 10 of his direct referral Silver Manager Gold Manager Direct Joining 12 1st Generation 5 2nd Generation 3 3rd Generation 2 4th Generation unlimited Depth 1 Direct Joining 14 1st Generation 5 2nd Generation 3 3rd Generation 2 4th Generation unlimited Depth 1 Diamond Manager Platinum Manager Direct Joining 15 1st Generation 5 2nd Generation 3 3rd Generation 2 4th Generation unlimited Depth 1 Direct Joining 10 Up to unlimited Depth Note Minimum Withdrawal 2,000INR & Maximum Withdrawal 10,000INR  Growth Chart Days Growth Re Top up Daily Withdrawal Total Bonus & Growth 10 DAYS 100 8 Days Maturity Amount withdrawal Amount Days 100    for join   send detail  9853469464rajanikantaa mishra

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