More detail contact Ankit Mishra  08895645507   Trusted 1st NGO Company  Channel One Global Limited www.channeloneglobal.orgFor income proof contact meMIND BLOWING BUSINESS HONGKONG BASED WORLD BASIC NGO FUNDING BY UNICEF, WHO, REDCROSS, THE WORLD BANK ETC IS ON PRELAUNCHING STAGE AT MLM JUST REPLY 2 QUIZ EVERY SATURDAY THROUGH UR MOBILE ONLY EARN 40 EVERY MONTH TILL 12 MONTHS WEEKLY PAYOUT 10 SPON, 10 BINARY, LEBEL INCOME FROM SPONSORING AND REWARDS   Business Plan JOINING PACKAGES Package Basic Price in INR Rs.3200 Rs.6200 Rs.12400 Registration in INR Rs.1000 Rs.1000 Rs.1000 Total Investment INR Rs.4200 Rs.7200 Rs.13400 Benefits Binary  Referral income BV httpwww.channeloneglobal.orgCustomPagesplanindia3.aspx 30 60 120 Direct Referral Income   httpwww.channeloneglobal.orgCustomPagesplanindia2.aspx Rs.300 Rs.600 Rs.1200 Your investment Income Weekly income For 52 weeks httpwww.channeloneglobal.orgCustomPagesplanindia4.aspx  Rs.50 x 2 Quiz   Rs.100-  per week Rs.200 x 2 Quiz     Rs.400 per week Rs.600 x 2 Quiz  Rs.1200- per week Referral  Royalty Income Weekly income For 52 weeks httpwww.channeloneglobal.orgCustomPagesplanindia5.aspx   Rs.15  x 2 Quiz  Rs.30- Per week Rs.30 x 2 Quiz Rs.60- Per week Rs.100 x 2 Quiz Rs.200- per week You will daily receive awareness SMS on your mobile and Alerts in your personal webpanel. At the end of every week by Saturday you will  receive two quiz from the last week arwareness program, these are optional, you have to answer these quiz from your registered mobile no. or from your personal webpanel. You will earn the Awareness Program Income on successful submission of the correct answers for quiz. You will receive these quizzes for the period of one year.Example - If you invest 12400- then you would get two quiz to answer it. One quiz is Rs.600-. In every week, U would get 2 quiz  to answer so u get 2 x Rs.600 Rs.1200-. So your monthly income would be Rs.4800- then credit to bank ac. The same u would get for the period of one year.  PL CONTACT ME SOON 4 TOP POSITION For more detail contact Ankit Mishra 9841002706, 9445812516 BUSINESS PLAN IN SHORT        Cost of one id is Rs 5500 for 12 months       you will be getting survey worth upto Rs 750 per week and one can earn upto Rs 3000 per month being passive.       As active one can earn binary level commissions and pair commissions.       Binary Level commission will be paid 5 levels direct 5, 2, 1, 1, 1  for eg, if your direct is earning say 10,000 every 15 days, you will be earning 5 on him every time and his direct is your 2nd level and you shall earn 2 on his earning and so on, this can be huge as u keep earning as and when they earn.       Pair commission is Rs 600 for first 12 or 21 ratio and there after Rs 600 for 11 ratio unlimited depth, daiy capping is 20 pairs and rest will be carried forward.       Binary payout is once in 15 days to ewallet and survey is once a month       all pending withdrawals from ewallet will be paid on 10th and 25th of each month direct to one&rsquos bank       joining started only on 24th Feb 2011 Morning Ankit Mishraayush143gmail.comcell  09445812516PRATIBHA GROUP A 300 CR30 YR OLD CO.  SURVEY PROG, STRONG COMPANY       The company launched this survey program and signups started only on 24th and they want to promote and boost up the sales of their flagship co, pratibha textiles. They are mainly into garments jeans, dressmaterials, sarees etc and also added jeweller and FMCG product       The survey which we all will be getting every week will be of their own product and not from external source as they want to promote their product and chose this as a medium, they want to avoid giving newspaper and TV ads which will cost them crores. Here company will have their promotion and we can earn too.       From every withdrawal, company will deduct 10 TDS, 5 service charge and 10 for repurchase, from this repurchase amount we are to buy the products of the company either garments, jewellery or FMCG product. A NICE CONCEPT, we also earn and company also boost up their sales with out putting ads in print and electronic media.       Since the company is financially very strong 300 cr turnover and they want to boost up their sale and they chose this as a medium to promote, we can for sure say this will stay for long long time to come.       100 legal as they have all the documents and comply with all legal formalities.       Excellent management and combined work force of more than 2000 employees.       visit the site and their parent company and see the details for yourself.   

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