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mGinger is a new concept in the advertising world. You get paid for reading sms ads on your mobile phone.How does mGinger work?Once you signup up with mGinger, you will start receiving sms advertisements on your mobile phone. For each ad that you receive ,you will be paid 20 paise. You will receive a maximum of 10 msgs per day. If you want you can receive lesser number of ads also. But the fun starts when you start referring your friends to mGinger. For your referrals you receive 10 paise for each ad that they receive. Similary, for each of the friends that your referrals refer, you get paid 5 paise for each ad. When you consider the Geometric progression, the amount that you can make in a month is quite considerable.Will I be dumped with ads?Apparently no. The mGinger team seems to be playing very decent. You can limit the number of ads you receive per day and not more than 10 in any case. You can decide the time during which you want to receive them. You can choose to receive ads only for the products that interest you. All I spend is about 3 minutes of my time to sign up.mGinger Blog actually gives you much more information and answers most of the question you might have in mind.Note This opportunity is available only for Indian users.Many Indians are earning more than Rs 10,000 per month.No fee to join.Its FREEShare &ampamp EnjoyhttpmGinger.comindex.jsp?inviteId6036043

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