join free join free join free join free join free earn daily 10000 click the link and registar your account click 10 add daily u get get 1 dollar then u get refferal income don't miss it my dear friend Please login to step in. Then click EARN MONEY. VIEW ADVERTISEMENT Click that appears when you click on SCREEN-. After 15 or 16 ADVERTISEMENT appear on screen. Onruonr need to click on it. The words have to click on the left. OPEN is the new top of the window when you click it. WAIT PLEASE come to the top. After moving to either a line. CLICK UP SIDE DOWN THE picture will come after that. PICTURE IN PICTURE enable you need to click in reverse. THANKS FOR WATCHING comes after that. WINDOW CLOSE Keep doing that and then click Next ADVERTISEMENT do as said above. ADVERTISEMENT also want to make it all appear on the same model. After my account ai paarthaal know your pannam. Excellent Grid Game- Its free, If you are lucky you can earn from this game. You have 25 clicks, you can click anywhere in the box. more detail 8883818522

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  • 15 April, 2015
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