jawaharlal nehru solar national mission

Hi All,Religiant is launching Solar Project.In today&rsquos climate of growing needsand increasing environment concern, alternatives to the use of nonrenewableand polluting fossil fuel have to be investigated .One suchalternative is solar energy. The Prime minister has launched theJawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission on 11th January,2010.Themission will be implemented in 3 stages leading to an installed capacity of20,000 MW of grid power,2,000MW of off-grid solar applications and 20million sq. m . Solar thermal collector area and solar lighting for 20million household by the end of the 13th five year plan in 2022.Theimmediate aim of the mission is to focus on setting up an enablingenvironment for solar technology penetration in the country both atcentralized and decentralized levels. Solar energy is especially needed forthe lives of rural masses. Simultaneously its use for urban & semi-Urbanapplications is also growing by the day .We are generating electricitythrough Solar Panel which is converted through Inverter and stored inBatteries to provide backups and provide solar energy to main Grid.It is with great pride and ask you Are you satisfied with your current Income? Would you like to make some money from home? Do you want to make money in your spare time?If YES to any of the above then please read the following.People are finding it harder to achieve financial security these days. Job security went outof the window years ago and everything is costing more.As a network marketer you hold the key to the future happiness of your family and yourown in the palm of your hand.You have the business opportunity they need to see. You can change their lives and yoursin the very near future. Now is the time to get your opportunity in front of them. You canbe the one who makes a huge change for the better in their lives and your own.Your 1 decision can change your destiny from every day is important 4 this planSAVE ENERGY SAVE NATION USE SOLAR PRODUCTSgovernment approval products and planRCM ,RMP, N-MART,TLC AND OTHER PRODUCT BASE LEADERS GRAB THE WORLDS BESTBUSINESS OPPORTUNITY joining Rs.2000 only You get Solar LedLantern Own Company Manufacturing And every joining profit self joining and down linejoining unlimited profit, Unit Own Plant And Tradition Doing Past 3 Years .Now Company Entering MLM and Looking Good Leaders Who Want Their career OrientedLong Term Plan 100 Succeed Guaranteed.We Are Looking Founder Leaders Maharashatra, Delhi, Madya Pradesh, West Bengal,Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, Banglore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune. Bihar

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