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Greeting from Chaitanya Ram Bedia Organo Gold  It is easy, it is simple and it is coffee   What words come to mind when you think of coffee? Probably words like fresh roast, rich aroma, mocha, full-bodied, perhaps even Starbucks. One word that is very unlikely to come to mind when thinking about coffee is mushroom. But mushrooms are at the very foundation of Organo Gold&rsquos success&mdashmore specifically, the Ganoderma mushroom, which grows on wood and includes about 80 different species. Company Profile Founded 2008Headquarters Ferndale, Wash.Co-Founders Bernardo &ldquoBernie&rdquo Chua and Shane MorandProducts Beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care Three Components of Success          There are three components to the company&rsquos success, The miracle of GanodermaThe genius of coffeeThe power of leadership Organo Gold coffee&rsquos key ingredient&mdashGanoderma&mdashis a form of mushroom that grows on wood that has been used in traditional Asian medicines for 4,000 years. But how do you convince people to drink coffee that&rsquos made from an obscure mushroom found under logs in a remote part of the world? You don&rsquot, says Morand. You just give them a cup of coffee.&ldquoWe&rsquove created an environment where people can actually develop as leaders within Organo Gold&mdashit&rsquos the concept of promoting from within which is a great thing.&rdquo &mdashShane Morand, Co-Founder.  &ldquoThe beauty of our business is that there are no sales skills required in order to succeed at any level, just the ability to ask a simple question and give away free samples.&rdquo  RegardsCall 09344696965skype

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