Inviting Business Affiliates

EVCS operates as an End to End, Consulting & Service Provider (Technology, Training, Start Up, Distributership, Dealership) to entities involved in or aspiring to gain from the growing Electric Vehicle Ecosystem. EVCS, associates with OEM manufacturers of E Vehicles and enhances their customer acquisition process by creating dealers & direct institutional sales. To enhance our reach to customers through Direct Sales (Institutional & House to House), EVCS invites Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing Companies, with a strong Direct Sales Network, across India, to promote our E-Vehicles (Two & Three Wheelers), Retrofit Electric Kits to enable hybrid or electric conversion, establish Electric Recharge Kiosks and Battery Swapping Stations. Click link to express your interest - or WhatApp now : 7022 7022 18. Our team will be happy to guide you. Connect with us :- Linked-In | FaceBook : | Blog

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  • 13 May, 2020
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