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Hello friends, our aim in this article is just for you to know that is to promote the right COMPANY AND PLATFORM, Right smart people who are looking for an accurate and GENUINE company.

If you should see a lot of good companies to profit from India is in the right way at the time of public money has been returned, but must tell him the means to reach people, taking a company public money He returns in time is the right way to use it over here is so.

We are talking about the company that is located in Ranchi many years and have several ongoing projects running, which you can be certain that putting money in his will, which means you can breathe easy, here is a MLM company is not doing the job, there is a unique plan, SIMPLE AND GENUINE Forms exactly do you invest here is the profit tax from his running and a new project in your account each month to 25 months to determine the ROI , the company's name and on which Members SHREEGLEXEY INFRA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is managing all the details! For more information please call or visit here!

Option to invest anything you believe you own, and you may get money without fear of others, which you get a commission-is normally set so you can increase your income, you are here MLM Networking Even if you do not think is a good group, ie, when the company is getting everything right is easy.

The rest you smart enough to own check-in Test yourself thoughtfully you can try it, do you have invested, or the two - a day for four months, there is an MLM company, where you have very little, but here You can stay for LONG TIME, So choice is totally yours………

Joining Option (Top Up)

  • Star : Rs 10,000/- or Multiple Of 10,000/-

  • Double Star : Rs 6,00,000/-

  • types Of Incentive

  • ROI.

  • Group Incentive.

  • Sponsoring Income.

  • Unit Income.

  • Reward

  • ROI (Plan ROI Duration)

Star 8% upto25 Months,

Double Star 5% upto 40 Months.


Slab Percentage upto 12th month upto

%Group Incentive Distribution as Compression Mode.

  • Sponsoring Income

Deduct 10% from my Group Incentive and Equally Distribute it between my Sponsor and his Sponsor.


  1. U- 3 Direct (1,00,000/-) OR U- 1 Direct (3,00,000/-)

Bonus (3000x25 Months)

(b) U- 4 Direct (1,00,000/-) OR U- 1 Direct (4,00,000/-)

Bonus 1,00,000/- (4000x25 Months)

(c) U- 4 Direct (5,00,000/-) OR U- 1 Direct (20,00,000/-)

Bonus 5,00,000/- (20,000x25 Months)

All Unit Income is Must Within Single Payout Period i.e fortnight Closing.(10th and 25th of every month)

Terms And Condition

  • TDS Deduction 10%

  • Admin Charges 5%

  • No TDS Deduction in ROI Incentive.

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