international help plan,just launched in india,min1000 & max 5000,double in 10 days

Dear friend,"Delay in joining in that plan may cause huge finanancial loss" pls take quick decision,be the leader of your leaderI am offering you a superb international help system,server is from denmark,admin is of singapur, superb software of international standard. Just launched in india at 25-sep 2013.Min help1000 rs & max 5000 onlyJust double after provide helpJust  check www .payinway.deJoining is through manager onlyCall for joining 9085039226Msg me ur name,mobile no. & email id at 9085039226BUSINESS PLAN AT PER THE PAYINWAY WEB   " LIFE RETAKE FIRST TIME IN ASIA"   All of you are waiting to know what is the Payinway Concept. We will like to make it very clear that this is not a get Quick Rich Scheme or any type of Networking Company. This is a simple Mutual Aid System. Now I will explain how is going to work. PROVIDE HELP & GET HELP Automatic software on the official website. A member can Donate Provide Help is Mulitple of Minimum, 1000 INR and Maximum of 5000 INR,. Your Donation are confirmed only after you transfer Paid full Donation amount deposited &ndash to another Donor. Donor are given guidance and help in Concept by their managers, who in fact control their own teams. Over the 10 manager is a 100 manager. Over the 100s manager is a 1000nd manager. Contact "Manager Level Person" to Start JOIN US or fill form on The System consists of two main buttons PROVIDE HELP and GET HELP. The moment you register, you Commitment the HELP Amount , which means you agree to transfer your money as per request. When you want to Get Help. If any reject help by donor then Sponosr ID will be blocked as well as 50 Deduction of their Manager Payout . As per the request of the System, a member MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the specified member. Also, the System gives more hours if it is a week-end or holiday . In case the Donor refuses to transfer the money as per the System&rsquos request &ndash this particular Donor ID will be permanently Blocked from the System. .. Re-Topup is must of their Id within 15 days from the date of Commitment. Donor can Re-Top is equal or less Amount of commitment Fund. . GROWTH BONUS 100 GROWTH BONUS OF YOUR COMMITMENT AMOUNT AFTER CONFIRMATION OF DONATION To Become 10 Manager Direct Business of 25000 INR To Become 100 Manager Direct Business of Compound 500000 INR To Become 1000 Manager Direct Business of Compound 5000000 INR        Minimum Withdrawal 500 INR Multiple of 500 & Maximum Withdrawal 10,000 INR   LAUNCHING BONUS There is no Need to Active Sponsor ID to Join New Donor . MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL AND EQUAL TO RS.500- to 5000 - 0.5 DEDUCTION ON WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT AS DONATION FUND IF COMMITMENT WILL NOT CONFIRM BY PARTICIPANT THEN HIS SPONSER ID AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKED AND 50 AMOUNT  OF COMMITENT AMOUNT DEDUCTED FROM THE MANAGER ACCOUNT. SOFTWARE WILL SEND A CONFIRMATION CODE ON HIS SPONSER  MOBILE NUMBER AFTER FILL THAT CODE REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE. IF YOUR ID IS NOT ACTIVE THEN YOU CAN NOT SPONSOR .TO ANY NEW PERSON IN THIS ORGANISATION. YOUR MOBILE NUMBER IS YOUR USER ID AND ONE MOBILE NUMBER YOU CAN USE ONLY FOR ONE ID For any Query related to admin, please mail to ,  CALL FOR JOINING 90850392226

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