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NOW -- INCREASE your SELL by ADVERTISING WITH US.. WE ARE GOING TO CIRCULATE 75000 COPIES ALL OVER INDIA. YOU WILL GET SURE 1000 CALLS from US. GIVE your promotions to our magzine. THIS is best place for you. DONT MISS CHANCE..   MALASIYA AIRFARE TICKET FREE on FULL DOUBLE PAGE ADVERTISEMENT.  BOOK 5 copies with one year subscription.GET ADVERTISEMENT FREE IN MAGZINE....   INTRODUCTION of MLM PATRIKA IS BELOW- Introduction -   MLM patrika is a magazine which contains all current affairs, resource, about MLM industry.  The concept of behind MLM Patrika is providing information about Mlm companies best offers, current packages, current achievement, Ongoing Seminars, Company Report, New launching, Marketing Techniques, Management Mantra, Cover Story, Interviews with Top Leaders, Top Income Achievers  etc. In MLM patrika, you will found complete MLM information at one place. MLM patrika will also available online, Information will update on Internet time by time. Content of MLM Patrika- 1. Letter from Editor 2. Cover Story 3. New Launching 4. Company Report 5. Top 20 Companies 6. Achievers Speaks 7. Seminar Report 8. Companies Business Plan 9. Management Mantra 10. Networking Techniques 11. Our Speakers 12. News Story 13. Don&rsquot Miss 14. New Rewards 15. Sawal- Jawab Questions &ndash Answers 16. MLM Success Story 17. Best Product     Scope of MLM patrika - The circulation of MLM patrika in December Edition will be more than 1,00,000 copies all over India. The edition will publish on 15 Dec, and on every 15th, next circular will release in market.  We are targeting circulation of 1 million copies in next 6 month all over world. In present we will cover following State in India New Delhi 15890  Haryana 9800 Rajasthan 21500 Punjab 7800 Maharashtra 16200 Karnataka 4500 West Bengal 8560 Bihar 1500 Andhrapradesh 2100 Gujrat 6500 Kerla 2800 MP 15450 Other 5000 In future MLM patrika has plan to target out of india in following country- 1. Malasiya 2. Thailand 3. Pakistan 4. Netherland 5. Pakistan 6. Srilanka   Proposal For Advertiser in MLM Patrika  MLM patrika is a heaven for MLM companies, MLM product seller, MLM Service provider, Management People. Mlm Patrika has vital approach all over India. This is only place, medium to connect your company to people in India. MLM patrika is offering very good medium to advertise your company, and increase sell in short time. Our success is because we are having largest number of readers with us India.  Benefits of MLM Patrika Advertisers- 1. Reach to very large database of MLM business persons.2.  50-60 Success Ratio on calls3.  Above 1000 inquiries after advertisement4.  All india Advertisement5.  Advertisement to only MLM persons6. Online advertisement and online business promotions7.  Big place of launching new products, new business plan, new projects8.  Explore your achievement to whole india.Options for Advertisement1.  Banner Advertisement - In this category you can give advertisement in following category-                Cover Page - 70000 RS.  Double Page Spread 40.67cm X 27.94cm 45000 INR Full page vertical 18.32cm X 25.94cm 20.32cm X 27.94cm 25000 INR Half page vertical 25.94cm X 9.16cm 15000 INR Half page horizontal 18.32cm X 12.82cm 15000 INR Quarter page vertical 9.16cm X 12.82cm 10000 INR Quarter page horizontal 18.32cm X 6.48cm 10000 INR Classified 8.5cm X 3.5cm 5000 INR  Ready Advertising in digital format CD or DVD will be provided by the client. We have following subscription packages for you Package Issues You Pay 1 Year 12 issues Rs. 1050- 2 Year 24 issues Rs. 1950- 3 Year 36 issues Rs. 2850- To subscribe to any of the package please send your chequedraft payable in name of "MLM PATRIKA" on address mentioned below      Offer for INAUGURAL DEC EDITION                           1. MALASIYA SINGLE PERSON AIR FLIGHT TICKET FREE on FULL DOUBLE PAGE ADVERTISEMENT2. Complete Business Plan will be display on every advertisement on full page, half page advertisement.3.  Seminar Information, Achievement will be in this edition4.  Interview will publish on full page Double Advertisement5. Free Half Page advertisement on 10 copies of yearly Subscriptions6. Free Quarter Advertisement on 5 Copies of Yearly Subscriptions.7. Free Content on every 2year Subscription with minimum 2 Copies.And many offers in DEC editionFor other information please contact atMLMPATRIKA, 09875152139 

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