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Newly Launced on 22nd Aug 2013Joinning-FREE but upline requiredNo one can join without uplineSubcription- Rs.1000- ONLYAfter paying Subcription fee Rs.1000 you will get Rs.10 Daily in your accountexcluding weekends..On an average you will get Rs.220 in your account MonthlyWhich means 220 x 12 2640 will be the ROI anually...Must be very small amount for many of you but think if you keep Rs.1000 in your Bank Account then you will get Rs.80 anaully that also if bank give you 8 intrest then only,But most of the bank pays you 4 intrest onlyRs.40 to 50 anuallyIn addition to daily Income there is GREAT Referral Income PlanLevel 1 Growth        5 Members X Rs. 50               Rs.250Level 2 Growth        25 Members X Rs. 25             Rs. 625Level 3 Growth        125 Members X Rs. 15           Rs. 1875Level 4 Growth        625 Members X Rs. 10           Rs. 6250Level 5 Growth        3125 Members X Rs. 5           Rs.15625Level 6 Growth        15625 Members X Rs. 3         Rs.46875Level 7 Growth        78125 Members X Rs. 3         Rs.234375Level 8 Growth        390625 Members X Rs. 2       Rs.781250Level 9 Growth        1953125 Members X Rs. 2     Rs. 3906250Level 10 Growth      9765625 Members X Rs.2     Rs. 19531250Currently there is offer for first 50 membersMember are getting Rs.300 instant to there account after subscription.. OFFER  FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY. So Hurry up and take your top position...Anyone who wish to JOIN can use link belowluckyu.co.inFOR INCOME PROOF CLICK BELOW LINKs5.postimg.orgelqapvfrbLuckyuProof.jpg Vipul9970074882 
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