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How to write a business letter
How to write a business l...
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How to write a business letter

So, to begin a business letter, you must first address the addressee of the letter. A business letter should always be written in a neutral tone. In no case you should not write “Good afternoon”, “Good morning”, “Good evening” in the beginning. If you write an e-mail letter it is better to write a formal “Hello”.


However, it would be more correct to address the addressee by name and patronymic, for example, “Dear _________”. If you don’t know the addressee’s name, in this case it is better to start with the text of the letter. Also you can’t address to the addressee as “Dear sir” and you can’t use abbreviations “Mr.”, “Mrs.”. An exception is when you address to a group of persons, then it is appropriate to address “Dear Sirs”.


The beginning of a business letter is the INTRODUCTION.


After addressing to the addressee, a business letter should begin with an introduction. The beginning of a business letter begins with the introductory part.


It is usual to include in this part of a letter:

1) greeting;

2) an announcement about what you are going to talk about further (without greeting);

3) or introduction of yourself (if the addressee of the letter does not know you).


The INTRODUCTION options given in this article are standard and recommendatory in nature. It is up to the author of the business letter to decide whether to use them or not.


  1. A business letter can begin with a greeting when you are writing to a respected or familiar addressee. It is also customary to write a greeting depending on the purpose and type of business letter. These types include letters of invitation, congratulations, condolences, acknowledgements, offers, letters of request, and other letters. Depending on your intention and the purpose of the letter, you have the right to choose to greet the recipient or not.


Starting a business letter with a greeting, example,



Dear _____________,

Publishing House “BM” would like to pay you a sincere respect and bring to your attention a unique offer to place your advertisement in our magazine.

On the basis of our telephone conversation, we have learned that your company is the only manufacturer of X products with such high economic indicators. And at the moment positioning your competitive advantages in the materials market is really an important task for you.

At your request I am sending you the necessary information about the advertising of your product X in our magazine. In this publication the topic of “cost-effective devices … ensuring strength characteristics” is exactly what we’re talking about. We believe that advertising in this edition will allow you to attract potential customers and interested buyers.

We offer you to meet to discuss details of your participation and other options of mutually beneficial cooperation. For our meeting you can contact us by phone +1 XXXXXXXXXXX at any time convenient for you.

Respectfully, ……



  1. It is quite logical that you won’t want to greet the debtor and express your sympathy to him in a demand letter. In that case, you can start the business letter with an announcement. Namely, in the introductory part of the letter you can briefly describe the essence of the case or what it will be about next.


Starting a business letter with an announcement, example,

_____________ Example of a demand letter_______________


Dear _____________,


JSC “X” according to the Delivery Contract No31-1 dated December 12, 2018 has delivered to you a batch of office furniture under consignment note No123-1 dated December 17, 2018. The due date for payment under the Contract is ten days from the day you receive the goods.

Due to your company’s indebtedness to “X” JSC, you are requested to repay the debt in the amount of $2,000,000 by December 20, 2018.

If you fail to repay the debt within the abovementioned period, according to Section 7.1 of the Contract, you will be charged a fine in the amount of 0.02% of the overdue debt for each day of delay.






There is also another scenario for the beginning of a business letter – this is when your addressee doesn’t know you. In this case you can just introduce yourself and briefly describe who you are and what you do.


Starting a business letter introducing yourself, example,

________A request for financial istance__________________


Dear Name,


The Gift of Life Charitable Foundation is conducting a fundraiser to help children with heart disease.

We sincerely ask you to help the foundation with any possible donations up to $_____. This amount is not enough to send 10 sick children to Germany for treatment.

We cordially thank you for your attention to our request and your concern for the lives of the needy people. We hope for your help in treating the citizens of our country.



General recommendations, conclusions

So, before you start writing a business letter, you need to decide on its type (demand, offer, invitation, and others). And already depending on what kind of letter to write, you will determine how to start a business letter. That is, if you are writing a letter of congratulations, you can express your respects to the addressee. If you are writing a letter of claim, then start with a brief description of the essence of the issue. If you are writing a letter of request to an unfamiliar addressee, then briefly introduce yourself to him, etc. I know this for sure as a paper writer free.


Always make sure that the letter is composed competently, without spelling, syntactic and lexical errors. If there are such mistakes, the addressee may have an unfavorable impression about you or distrust you. Because of the presence of obvious errors, the addressee may think that you are illiterate or short-sighted. Accordingly, you will not be able to achieve the result of your letter (to close the deal, create a partnership, etc.).


So for your business letters to make a favorable impression adhere to the following basic recommendations:


– disclose one subject (objective) in a single letter;

– Keep a neutral, respectful tone;

– Keep the letter short and to the point, no more than one page. Include additional information in appendices;

– Break up the text into paragraphs;

– The text of the letter should be without blots, corrections, crossing out;

– do not abbreviate words;

– Do not use slang or ambiguous words and phrases;

– Keep the information truthful and appeal only to the facts.


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