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   Hello Sir     Hi.... i am Mohammed ,there is new mlm company launch from goa.at present this is best and genuine investment plan, surely it will run for big time and all mlm leader and investor will multiply their money...rest we will discus after you fully viewed ..www.almondzdxb.com   OUR COMPANY PROJECT- 1 Hotels and Resort Development---------------------------------------runnig project2 Real Estates-------------------------------------------running project3 Sand mines and quarry------------------------------------------------------------------running project4 Fisheries-------------------------------------------------------------------------------running project5 Emu Farming-------------------------------------------------------------------------------running project6 Ship Breaking-------------------------------------------------------------------------------running project7 Offshore Forex Trading------------------------------running project8 Biogas and WindMill projects------------------------------------------------future plan9 Media and Entertainments--------------------------------------------running planBUSINESS PLAN-Members can register with our company by paying a Registration Fees of INR 1,500-. You can be entitled to sponsor others and can purchase different product packages from us.Business PlansPlan A - Prunus DulcisReturn of investment ROI, The following is the criteria for calculation -5,000 &ndash 2 Lacs at 1 ROI For 300 Working Days.2.1 Lacs to 5 Lacs MORE at 1.5 ROI for 200 Working days.Plan B - AlmendroUnder this plan, INR 25,000 is the Minimum Amount of Investment for members 100 returns in 150 days FlatPlan C - Amigdalota Click Here for M.O.U Minimum INR 50,000 and above you are entitled to get development allowance of 20 for the period of 10 months with legal M.O.U memorandum of understandingReferral income for Plan CDirect refferal commission for plan c is 20 divided into no of months of the first party that is you will be entitled to get 2 direct refferal commission for 10 months till the completion of the client's agreement..Under this plan one is not eligible for 10 direct commission and binary is applicable as usual.Binary Income &ndash        10 Calculated on the weaker side with the rest carry forward for upcoming matching.Capping - 2 Lacs per dayDirect Referral commission - 10.Note -A Binary payment will be released on 05 th and 20th of every month.B Direct Referral commission will be distributed every Next day.C Trimming applicable if necessary.D 20 is deducted towards TDS and Handling chargesE Plan A ROI of daily investment will commence after 5 days.F Plan B PDC Cheques will be issued only for 5 lacs and above category after 1 month from the date of commencementG All transfers will be done through E C S. not applicable for plan B membersH Associates are requested to provide correct details of bank name, branch, Account no, and IFSC code to the admin for easy clearance ID     670846    password    864531  visit the website & give me a call meregards,90290259598898740941 thankz...................Have a nice day Mohammed ...............................................Other ....................RAM NARESH FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY  PVT LTD.Survey plan........................ .Ofont-size149 Between Every Wednesday to Friday .Ofont-size149 4 Survey in a month .Ofont-size149 Each survey give you Rs. 500- .Ofont-size149Total Income in a Month   500x4   Rs. 2000.Ofont-size149Membership Rs. 3500  .Ofont-size149Company offer you these survey for 11 monthSlide 8 .O font-size149 Total income from survey in single ID&rsquos 22000 TDS - 10.3                         Admin Charges  -  3.7          Total detection    14 Mohammed Ibrahim   8097410136.......        .Ofont-size149         

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