Has This Ever Happened In any Network Marketing Company in Nigeria?

If I tell you that someone got this house of #120million (that is well furnished with everything that defines a home) working with an NGO under 1year and 4month would you believe? I guess you will think, she got this house with money stolen from politics. I guess you will think a politician bought the house for her from a stolen fund. But can I surprise you? Madam Joy Amaechi is not a politician but a Network marketer, who has suffered and lost so much money to other network marketing organizations. But at a time she has given up on working for any Network marketing Organization or MLM company, Jamalife came knocking. As at that time, she was feeding from hand to mouth, their landlord was at their neck for house rent debt. She finally embraced Jamalife against her husband's order and determinedly and dedicatedly began to build her network. Under 8 month, she was rewarded with a brand new mini SUV not because she qualified for it as demanded by Jamalife compensation plan but for her team coordination ability. 8 month after she got the car, Jamalife just surprised her with this magnificent home again, not because she has qualified for it but for her team coordination. Her husband who warned her never to join Jamalife today said and I quote "I thank my wife for disobeying my order. If she didn't disobey my order, we would still have remained in debt, with no money to train their children. But her disobedience brought us regular income in dollars ($), food vouchers to shop in shoprite, brand new car, a lot of new friends and a manificient home. I advise other women whose husband had given such an order to disobey their husband and become a global figure like my wife." Wow! Wow! Wow! Her pastor, a pastor of Christ Embassy (a.k.a Loveword) said "when she first told me about Jamalife, I talked her down and questioned her severally about whether what she talks about Jamalife was real. When she got her car courtesy of Jamalife, I believed a little but still doubting. But today, this same Jamalife has given her a mega home. I advise every doubting thomases to forfeit their doubt and embrace Jamalife to change their world." What else can I say, her story, the husband's testimony as well as that of her pastor have said it all. You may want to know more about Jamalife. If you have been in any network marketing organization before and there's no glimpse of fulfilling your financial dream, I want you to have a taste of Jamalife. Join, use your experience developed in those other network marketing organizations to build your network in Jamalife and reward such as this can be yours in few month or years. If you have not worked with any network marketing organization or MLM company before now, you can join us and acquire the skills to build your network and convert your connections to extra income with all these rewards that come along the way. Rome was not built in a day. If you are willing to learn about Jamalife and build your network for a strong financial future, I am willing to work with you. Call/WhatsApp: 09079692757 or comment "I'm interested" and drop your whatsapp contact and I will reach you and show you the opportunity. Or click the link below to join one of the WhatsApp groups where we raise and train Networkers to learn and earn from Jamalife; https://chat.whatsapp.com/Dfdn9yCfFSY6PdWewFUjYU JAMALIFE IS FOR REAL AND FOR LIFE!!!

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  • 01 November, 2018
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