Great Opportunity to make huge profits

LONDON CITY.... website by ICO rate per electroneum ETN is $0.01 Expected to reach $1 to $ 5 by December end... As for me im not a big ICO investor. but i believe in multiple streams of income. But you have to be very careful at what ICO you invest in. But MY GOSH!!... #Electroneum is something i have never seen before. Why should You Invest: - First coin to be created in the UK - The most user friendly coin powered by an app - Focused on the mobile game and gambling industry (HUGE) - You can mine #Electroneum on your app by playing games! - A decentralize bockchain with a centralized app! - Big Investors Like Uber, IBM, Spotify and Hootsuite - Fastest transactions i have ever seen 2 sec - #Electroneum is starting at a penny! - Duncan Logan the CEO of #RocketSpace was a long time investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But he said #Electroneum will be the first ICO he will ever invest in. - App is ready and live for downloads on Andriod *ICO will soon be over Get 1% Bonus when you use my link*. Introducing Electroneum: First British Crypto currency in prelaunch started from 14.09.17 issuing Electroneum coins with bonuses in batches. Company start price is $0.01 means 100 coins in $1. 5th 7 days batch: 12 -18 october 2017 10% bonus means total 110 coins per USD $1. Last batch 19 - 31 October 2017  Bonus 0% means total 100 coins per USD $1. For direct free registration and 1% more joining bonus click the below link: Worldwide Launching on 01.11.2017 through all international exchanges.

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  • 19 October, 2017
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