Great Opertunities

Dear Sir,


                          At first read my mail and click the below link for 01min.The link give you daily dollar(365days)It is real and genuine.

How to Work it?


01.Click the link.

02.Click the Register button.




05.Confirm the password..


07.Date of Birth.

08.Confirm the date of birth

09.Lastly tick ( I confirm that I was referred by BABU1976)

10.Finally Click the Open Account.


01.After click the Open Account.The PTC site will be open and shown your accounts details.

02.1st Work is click the "View paid Ads". After click 16 nos 25BAP(Bonus Ad.Point) will be shown.

03.2nd Click the each 25BAP Ad and show a advertise window contain 03 line of text and copy the each text and past in the box.(Right & wrong sign will be show in right side of each box)

04.3rd Click the Advertise site.And then visit the website for 30seconds,within 30 sec a tax captcha shown and fill the capatcha.After 30 sec. confirm button will show and click.After click the window close button show and click.

05.After close the window the new window open and click the another ad button.

06.Further you will click another ad. in same process.


In this way your BAP is added each day.(BAP click is compulsory)

The next day some dollar ads are coming to your account and click the same process and add the balance in your Dollar Account.


For Free members -

01.Daily BAP ad is coming 16 Nos=400BAP(Fix)

02.Bonus Ad is coming as per your BAP stock.($1=3100BAP)

03.First you have to earn BAP daily.

04.The Bonus Ad is coming i.e $0.0005 to $10.00(as per level)

If you are interest to Join

Click the link.

Come Soon…...Free Joining……..Part time Job.

Great Opertunities!

For Un-eployment Youth, Students, office emplyees &who want to earn extra money.

If iterest to work Click the Link:-

Please contact to:-Mob. +91-7735527523(Relience)

  • Free Joining.

  • Free support & guideline.

  • Free online support.

  • Without Investment.

  • No qualification required.

  • No age bar.

  • Your work is money.

  • No Accuracy, No Charges, No hidden cost.

  • Only Genuine work.

  • Gurantee money.

  •                   If iterest to work Click the Link:-

  • Please contact to:-Mob. +91-7735527523(Relience)

Only required the following:

  • Age:-18+

  • Computer Knowlede (Internet Browsing)

  • Daily spent 1hrs (365days) No vacation.

  • Personal Computer /laptop with net connection or Internet café.

  • Bank Account No.

  • Mobile No.

  • E-mail Id.

  • The required information will be filled by you for yourself.

  • Earning :-No limit……………….….!

  • Nature of Work: Paid to Clicks the Advertisements.

If iterest to work Click the Link:-

Please contact to:-Mob. +91-7735527523(Relience)

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  • 14 February, 2015
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