Global Warming and Health

The topic of global warming is one of the most discussed and urgent questions the mankind has ever encountered. The article “Global warming poses risks to health, White House says” by Dennis Brady is laconic though very informative and sagacious. In fact, summarizing the White House report about the long-term study on the issue of the global warming, the author outlines the main threats the above mentioned phenomenon possesses and describes the possible ways and necessary measures to prevent the gravest consequences. Notably, many articles, while outlining the same global problem, follow a similar traditional pattern. Particularly, they present the general facts in conjunction with the vague conclusions and insubstantial ways to solve the issue. On the contrary, the Dennis Brady’s article published in the Washington Post is much more effective because it illustrates only the research findings and cites the reliable experts in this field, thereby efficiently informing the reader and giving a space for reflection. This paper aims at analyzing and essing the work of Dennis Brady as well as stating its strengths and weaknesses. Significantly, the article covers the main points of the study represented by the Obama administration. Namely, the fact that in the nearest future global warming is prone to cause a substantial damage to the humanity and its health. To clarify, those are an augmentation in the number of the premature deaths, mosquito transmitted diseases, mental health problems and even reduction of the nutritional value of some crops. Additionally, the first people to suffer the probable harm are the most vulnerable ones: the elderly, children, pregnant women, minorities, immigrants and the disabled. Nevertheless, an article comprises a multitude of the cited comments and points of view of the president Obama’s top science advisor John Holdren and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy which help to look at the considered problem from the different angles. On the whole, the structure of the text is well-thought and corresponds to its aim, what is more, a comprehensive writing style is chosen and elaborated. The exclusion of the author’s opinion adds to the highly informative manner of the article and, thus, remarkably serves to its purpose. Concerning the general content of the text, it reflects several disputable moments. State of affairs, described by Brady Dennis in the Washington Post, coincides with the theory that our whole civilization itself is entirely to blame both for the current and future disasters caused by the climate change. Specifically, factories, cars and cities burning hydrocarbon reserves are allegedly the reason for it. Nevertheless, the question is if it is really the case. Another key point is that the greenhouse effect in the Earth's atmosphere is not a linear order phenomenon, as is commonly believed, but the avalanche process, a kind of chain reaction in which a number of factors is involved. To detail, the first of these is the solar activity which is a prior climate change cause. The author links the global warming process to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting from the human civilization activities, but, in reality, people make a very modest contribution to it. For example, one powerful volcano eruption emits as much carbon dioxide per day as our whole civilization in one month. It goes without saying that the “Global warming poses risks to health, White House says ” completely meets it purpose – to inform the audience about the growing threat of the climate change, its probable effects and consequences. The author has achieved his goal formulating the main points clearly and precisely. Even though the article contains some professional vocabulary, the text itself is understandable and easy to read. Furthermore, I would also like to remark on the brief presentation structure of the writing. While the majority of the articles describing global problems tend to be deployed and detailed, by that discouraging some people to read it in full, Dennis Brady’s work has a catching heading and engaging amount of characters. In conclusion, I would like so summarize the major ideas highlighted in the essay. Analyzing the “Global warming poses risks to health, White House says” article by Dennis Brady, it is essential to indicate its perfectly selected style and form, wisely chosen figures of speech and well based conclusions. Markedly, the author has attained his initial objective - to acquaint the reader with the recent White House report about the fundamental health problems ociated with the climate change. In spite of the fact that the theory observed is not absolutely indisputable, the article is clear, focused, and persuasive, which makes it useful and relevant in today’s global context. Taking into account the apprehended damage described, such awareness-raising texts have to occur in the m media more than just on the occasion of the presidential report. This material was provided by Kyle Mitchel who works at the source which can help rate my essay

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  • 07 September, 2021
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