FORTUNECARTS A GENUINE PLAN  07208799049  , MLM ? ,         - Business ProgramA home based earning opportunity where a participant can earn weekly incentives by rendering various services offered by the company. These incentives are directly proportional to the type and value of servicesoffered. Participation in this program is purely optional. You can earn two types of weekly incentive 1.      ACTIVE INCOME2.      PASSIVE INCOME How to join- Participants can join Fortune Carts by INR 500 as a Registration fee,After Registration you need to purchase ACTIVATION PIN of INR 7000-to earn the following benefits from our system. Benefits or Income- In our Business Plan there are five types of incomes1.      Direct Income2.      Binary Income3.      Daily  Share Income4.      Leadership  income5.      Reward income Direct Income- Participants can Refer our friends,relatives & any other people tohelp them in making money for any referral participants will receive10 income. Binary Income- First pair is 12 or 21 is compulsary for binary, after first pair11 is required.The left and right direct is required to qualify forthe Binary income Binary Income is 10 per pair.Capping is of  20 pair per day and Power Leg carry forward. Daily  Share Income- Participants will receive deals for Share withFacebook every day. 1.      Participants will receive 4 deals per day.2.      INR 25 will be paid for every Share.3.      Participants will receive deals upto 12months. Deals   Per Deals Income        Total4       Rs 25   Rs 100 Leadership  income- Pair                    Leadership Income100                     Rs.2000500                     Rs.100001000                            Rs.200005000                            Rs.5000010000                   Rs.100000  .  Raj Malhotra 07208793348Vijay Singh   07208799049

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