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For people global community world wide opportunity

Good afternoon, my name is Balraj, I am living in coimbatore, I am a promoter and investor of FPG. For people Global is an organisation committed to bringing like minded people together to achieve a common Goal. We are here to learn and also earn at the same time.
I joined FPG (2months ago in which I made 3 lacs of rupees and achieved 3 star spreader). I am here today to share with you the main objectives of FPG and show you how we can all take mive advantage of this great opportunity and networking concept. I am hoping to answer all of your questions in the next 10 minutes but if you still have questions please talk to the person who sent you to this presentation.
As you may or may not have heard but there is alot of people making alot of money very fast through Crypto currency. It is a very fast growing industry and is predicted to be the next boom.
The first objective off FPG is to share knowledge of the Crypto currency market. I paid approx RS30000 about 3 months back and started learning the basics off Crypto currency. When I paid I was immediately allocated 9 tutors who all made a little bit of money on me. These people all have an invested interest in my learning. The great thing about this learning as you can go at your own pace. We understand some people are fast learners and others require time. You don't have to turn up all the time, just fit it around your diary and at your own comfort. The kinds of things you will learn is, things like

Blockchain technology
Crypto currency
Crypto ets
Web 3.0

I know this may sound very alien to some people and a few months back it was alien to me, but when you regularly ociate your self with like minded people, it becomes very easy. Once you learn the basics you can then move on to things like

Fiat currency
Encrypted currency
Centralised / decentralised systems
Crypto chains
Crypto wallets
Defi / Dao

When we learn all these areas we can look forward in the future to utilise our knowledge and become a

Creator or

The thing that got me attracted to FPG is the next benefit. In most network marketing companies the reason why people don't join is because they are not confident that they will be able to recruit more people. Maybe because of confidence level, or they don't know these type of people etc. We'll in FPG when you join, you automatically stake on 50 tutors around the world and they stake on you. Which means even if you don't recruit anyone to the community you will still recieve a very small percentage of their income FOREVER. That means you could potentially earn anything from RS60000 to 1.8 lacs. This absolutely huge. For the first time this actually means you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
The other benefits of FPG is they provide interest free loans to their community. The loans range from 100 coins to one million coins. So imagine the coin is worth $1 then this is potentially 1 million dollars. So the bigger the promoter, bigger the loan. I have already qualified as a ........(3 star spreader and qualified for a 3000 coins and recieved them) The only thing you need to plan, is what do I want to qualify for.
Lastly we as members, we receive life coaching from international trainers such as Harish Sharma. He was the guy who introduced Network marketing industry to India back in 1996. He trained at the convention in May and now is also training our big promoters on a cruise in August and then in October in Dubai.

My advise to you is that this in a no brained. For a small amount of money, you can learn about Crypto currency. Earn money as you go along and see how far you can go. Rest I leave to you.

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  • 03 June, 2022
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