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FM Group Opportunity By Jose Bianco PH59783
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FM Group Opportunity By Jose Bianco PH59783

FM Group Opportunity The FM Group Fragrance is looking for people who want more from life, more control, more free time, more than just making a living People, maybe just like you, who are willing to learn a new way of doing things, who are ready to explore their abilities and to reach out for new horizons. Whatever your priority the FM Group business can provide you with a realistic opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals. The facts are that our business is in the incredibly fast growing industry of Perfumes & Cosmetics and that our high quality, low priced exclusive European products guarantee you the perfect opportunity to have great success and many happy customers. Our unique marketing plan also distinguishes the FM Group from other similar companies by providing achievable and generous rewards for our people.Benefits at a glance... Low start up cost The highest quality fragrances at affordable prices Extra income &rsaquo Financial Freedom Unlimited earning potential Your own International Business, simple and fun Brand new Cars for Team Leaders Friendly support More spare time & freedom Personal development Helping others Meeting new people Retirement with a residual income No experience neededHow can you access our products?The FM Group Fragrance is a club you can join. Simply fill out a Distributor Agreement form and buy a Starter Kit. Three fields of activity in the FM GroupAs a member You have a right to buy for yourself at discounted prices You have a right to buy and sell with a 43 margin You have a right to build a distribution network in all countries where the FM Group operatesThis is an easy and simple business, just open a Starter Kit with fragrance samples and start earning money.Imagine....Your own business, which offers you absolute independence. You yourself decide whom you will work with and you choose the working hours that suit you. Your own business which allows you to fulfill your goals and ambitions, a business that is a pleasure to run and work that you will be enthusiastic about. Consider how interesting it would be if you yourself defined your success and could take control of your future. Sounds like a dream? Not at all This can be your reality, a reality that could be yours very soon All you have to do is commit a little of your time with us and learn the rules that will ensure your success.How to earn money?Direct sales - You earn the difference between the distributor & catalogue priceThe sale of FM products through direct contact with customers, bypassing the traditional retail store, and thus shortening the products way to its purchaser. Because of this we can offer our customers attractive and exceptional products at affordable prices.PLUS Earn additional monthly bonus payments based on your personal sales and that of your distribution team.Bonuses are paid according to the first and second part of the FM Group marketing plan.First part of marketing planMagnolia Club Building a distribution teamnetwork is nothing more then encouraging new people to join the FM club to take advantage of the low distributor prices of products for themselves or to do exactly what you are doing - sell FM products for a profit. To reward you for sponsoring new members, not only will you continue to enjoy earning profits and bonuses your personal sales but you will also enjoy new benefits. When you build an effective sales teamnetwork your profits will increase. In addition to the money from your personal sales you will also earn additional bonus payments for what is sold by your entire team - the people that you introduced to the FM club. The bonus payment you will receive depends on the total monthly turnover of you and your team.Second part of marketing plan8.5 of the FM Group's world turnover is shared between members of the Orchid ClubPLUS - Orchid members also receive a brand new carExclusive Orchid ClubThe Orchid Club is a prestigious, international association of FM Team Leaders, who are ranked in the highest effectiveness levels in the FM Group's sales hierarchy. We also invite those Distributors who are known as distinguished Sales Leaders or Sponsors.We have prepared numerous privileges and extra financial rewards for these Leaders, including additional payments to the bonus payments received in the 1st part of the marketing plan. In this programme 8.5 of FM GROUP World's point turnover is shared monthly between all the members of the Club plus eligible members also receive a brand new car - Mercedes Benz C, E, & S class depending on what level of the Orchid Club members attain.This honour is connected not only with huge financial profits, but also with other privileges, including a prestigious position and invitation to attractive events. These Club members belong to the Leaders Council at FM GROUP branches all over the world. The Leaders Council provides valuable consultation and influences the company's strategy and future development. As one of these Leaders you have a say in the company's future.The Orchid Club consists of various honorary titles Pearl, Amaranth, Golden and the most prestigious Diamond Orchid.Where to now?If you feel that you have something both to gain and to offer by joining the FM Group please contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve the success that you deserve.Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Remember, your success depends only on you We can only show you a way to get there Good luck 

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