Excellent Business Opportunity with an ISO 22000 Certified Company

Beyoung Fitness Forever,Launched in 2015 is a Young Direct Selling Division of Vishal Organnix, can proudly boast the best manufacturing facilities for herbal products in India Established in 2000, the company is promoted by Venugopal Suvarna. Beyoung Fitness Forever is the Future of MLM Industry in India and You will understand it easily why I am claiming so, if you study the Company Profile and the Business Plan properly. If you study the plan properly and give just half an hour of your life understanding it, it can change your life, make you free from all the pain and suffering whether physical, mental or financial.You can easily be Financially Free without any more burden to your pocket,You and your loved ones can stay healthy with good quality health supplement without putting so much pressure in your pocket,You can give more time to your family, keep good Relation with friend and relatives and most importantly you will never have to change Company again and face difficult period and restart your work due to fault of other people. Why Beyoung? 1. It is already a reputed Name in the Manufacturing industry running from 2000. 2.Only Second Indian MLM Company to have ISO 22000 Certificate after Sami Direct. 3.Own Research and Manufacturing. 4.Easy to Start(Just Rs.399/-) ,Easy to Earn(Weekly Payout) 5.Early Phase in MLM Market,You admit or not, it is truth that firstcomer always get extra advantage in this industry,So It is perfect time to book your Top Spot,You will get Huge Spillover from me and upline too. 6.Winning Combination of Binary(Opportunity to improve daily capping) and Generation Plan from Repurchase ( 6 Types of Income) and Huge Direct Commission (35%) 7. Golden Opportunity to be District and State Franchise as Most of the District and State are still Vacant. 8. Golden Opportunity to Earn Extra Handsome Money both Direct Commission(Rs.500/- to Rs.10000/-) and Binary (Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/-) by recruiting Franchise(Freanchise start from as low as Rs.10000/-). You will get royalty of 10% from their every day’s binary income.SO No Need to wait and work for 3-4 years to earn Royalty, You can get it from very first day with Beyoung. How to Join: Joining Just Rs.399/- (Choose any Product from 3 option, Product MRP Rs.599/-) 1.D3 Calcium 2.Flax Seed Oil(Omega 3,6,9) 3.Flax SDG Lignan (Omega 3) I will send more details about product and its benefits,business presentation,repurchase plan if you want. Repurchase Plan has been Launched on 1st May 2015 with 4 Product and more products are coming soon.If needed I can send you a PDF of products manufactured by Vishal Organnix,which will be introduced to Beyoung one by one. Company MLM Website: http://www.beyoung.in / http://www.beyoungworld.com Mother Company Website: http://http://www.vishalorgannix.in Please Contact for more details: Moid-8822521448

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  • 11 May, 2015
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