EnGoPlanet strives to solve the issue of ineffective energy capture within the current infrastructure. To achieve our goal, we provide an innovative solution for urban settings with our EnGo Tower, EnGo Slim, EnGo Leaf and Engo Illumo solar street light poles - a groundbreaking solar led street light solution for a greener world. EnGoPlanet smart solar street light solutions incorporate sustainable technology for various environments, including streets, highways, and industrial zones. Key features include easy installation, smart sensors adapting to environmental conditions, and a high-quality lithium battery for reliable, long-lasting power storage. We strive to ensures consistent brightness during power disruptions and offers 24/7 security through solar video surveillance. Our solar powered lighting solutions aim to reduce operational costs and facilitate connectivity with solar-powered WiFi access. This makes EnGoPlanet products and services ideal for municipalities, schools, and businesses. Together we contribute to the impact of sustainable street lighting in fostering energy independence and environmental responsibility. Join us as we create a brighter, greener future.

Phone: 281-857-6611

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  • 09 January, 2024
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