EERD token is now on Coinexchange.

Happy to inform you that ERD/BTC trading pair is now available at the exchange

With the amazing support of the community, we successfully managed funds which allow us to initiate working towards achieving long-term roadmap for the Eldorado protocol

Founded in 2014, is a global innovative trading platform with multi-currency support and low fees. Aiming to stay at the forefront of crypto world.

We are pleasured by our association. You have associated with one of the most futuristic and sparkling crypto projects. Eldorado tokens the ERC-20 crypto tokens, which are launched recently globally have been hitting headlines because of the consistent growth on a day to day basis. The user acquisition is growing by giving stability and estrogen to withstand any hassles faced in the market in day to day working.

From the day of inception the value of erdtoken viz-a-viz bitcoin has been found stable even when compared with several established cryptocurrency. The trade volumes in the exchange has been found to be higher from past few days and as high as in the volumes of 10,000 token�s or more have been successfully traded in a day, which means the erdtoken at the aforesaid exchange is staged within the top 15 tokens traded in a day.

The usual noted behavior of the crypto market is sudden push and then drastic pull down and further pull out of the market however since the day of inception #erdtoken �s has been smooth up and down which is the marginal demand and price variance, this realistic functioning of the token has got attention of many traders worldwide.

What we conclude from all above discussion and the market talk is; eldorado token are �smoothies of the market�, wherein the fluctuations are neither sharp nor dissent. Let�s enjoy the ongoing higher growths with another benevolent benefit in the near future when the market and traders will surely pull the #erdtoken to nirvana.

We welcome all the users to add Eldorado token in your portfolios and join our great community.

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Pradeep Gangurde
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