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In times of financialculmination education sojourns as one of the proud and most important ets. Netload search actually it is realized as the best direct spending of financial and time reosurces. It is important to include all the main chains in your education structure: from the elementary cles up to the time when you graduate from the university and most likely begin to look for the company to work for or keep it on with your study and register for the master, followed by Phd.

Degree If you eliminate one of the stages, the learning process will be not consistent. During your elementary, middle and high education you always build a foundation for future bachelor program in the university. This is one of the basises, why there are so many courses, which are not interconnected to each other at all (like Match, Literature), but they are still united together on the program list. The main goal of this is to provide the pupil the basic knowledge about the most important areas of human’s life and development. after all, in my opinion there are several distinctions between the earlier stages of learning structure in the USA and Europe.

In USA beginning from early years the process is developed in such a direction, that children begin to break down their education to specialization, which will be most likely tied up with their future job. To be more specific, education takes more practical appeal. From the other side in Europe we witness more theory and general clic education. Pupils learn the pure subject without applying it a lot to their future possible job. Which concept is the productive? Without any doubts representatives of each concept will argue and try to show the weak points of another concept. yet this ellaboration will never be finished.

Throughout decades both concepts checked to be sufficient and be capable of providing appropriate level of study preparation of students before going to the serious life. Azwritingreviews therefore, it is always depends on you: go deeper in the clean science and achieve complete theoretical knowledge or get back a bit and try to start applying your skills to desired type of work already while studying at the early stages.

Another issue, which must be also certainly put into attention is the appeal to the academy education in various geographic regions. In USA and the countries of past USSR (we will use these for comparison as they represent the aspects in question in the most clear way) majority of the time student is placed in quite a grim position and is supposed to glean the science, which he/she is planning to study extremely carefully as the process of moving to another university is quite time consuming and takes away a lot of resources.

In European states we observe another case: students are very protected while their college years and can change their studies around 2-3 times !? Switching even more times does not bring any rationale into the education process. How can these distinctions be clarified? In my opinion the governmental social instruments are the core determinants in this issue. USA, countries of former USSR are very stable and social security policies as the concept is not well perceived on the national level. In USA it is so because of commonUS mentality, heading towards favorable tax conditions, superior position of private property, while in the countries of former USSR the economyis booming and the state-owned social security programs are only being developed.

In Europe on the other hand we see, that social protection have a very influential role in the society, and therefore in students’ lives in this situation. Having protection from the government, students have the possibility to concentrate on learning.During these procedures students do not risk to be fetched to army or some obligatory tasks, which will take the education process in a complex position. howbeit there are certainly some negative aspects.

First of all, sometimes due to this self-possessed position students are not motivated enough and as a consequence do not use their resources properly and can end up using a bit too much on their bachelor program for instance. If they had spent more effort, they probably would have completed the bachelor much fasterand as the result would have a possibility to enroll for master course in advance starting their job and therefore enhance their salary possibilities.Thus, you can agree that learning is one of most versatile and challenging periods in life and there are a lot of ways to choose from, it’s for you to take decision which one to drive.

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