EARN UP TO Rs.2,77,80,000- within 5 week Joining only Rs.750- Leaders Welcome, call 09328973834

                                             Leaders Welcome Free joining and Attractive Offer                 Call &hellip 09328973834.   Visit www.richnatural.com    BusinessRICH NATURAL MULTITRADE PRIVATE LIMITED has come up with the most innovative business concept in which a common person can earn unlimited income being a member of the company by purchasing any of the product package offered by the company.REFERRAL INCOME You will get REFERRAL INCOME from your direct referrals and their referrals up to 5th  Levels, even though you have not matching your structure.This unique reward system gives you exciting and unlimited earnings every week. There is no ceiling for REFERRAL INCOME.  1st Level      Rs.500- 2nd Level      Rs.250- 3rd Level      Rs.250- 4th Level      Rs.250- 5th Level      Rs.250- POWER OF DUPLICATION Suppose you have directly introduced 10 people in your 1st Level, you can achieve 10 xRs. 500 Rs.5000- as your 1st Level Referral Income. That 10 people  Referred 10 each, you can achieve 10 x 10 100 people xRs. 250- Rs. 25000- as your 2nd Level Referral Income. That 100 people referred 10 each, you can achieve 100 x 10 1000 people x Rs.250- Rs.2,50,000- as your 3rd Level Referral Income. That 1000 people referred 10 each, you can achieve 1000 x 10 10000 people x Rs. 250-  Rs.25,00,000- as your 4th Level Referral Income. That 10000 distributors referred 10 each, you can achieve 10000 x 10 100000 people x Rs.250- Rs.2,50,00,000- as your 5th Level Referral Income. You can easily make total Referral income of  Rs.2,77,80,000- and all this with only 10 Direct Referrals, imagine in case you referred more than 10 distributors you can earn more. This calculation is only for Referral income. It varies depending the business you broughtDESCRIPTION OF INCOME DISTRUBUTION IN TABLE FORMAT  Week Level Total Distributors Level Income Your Earnings 1st Week 1st  LEVEL You Referred 10 People 10         x  Rs.500- Rs.5,000- 2nd Week 2nd  LEVEL 10 x 10 100 100       x  Rs.250- Rs.25,000- 3rd Week 3rd  LEVEL 100 x 10 1000 1000     x  Rs.250- Rs.2,50,000- 4th Week 4th  LEVEL 100 x 10 10000 10000   x  Rs.250- Rs.25,00,000- 5th Week 5th  LEVEL 10000 x 10 100000 100000 x  Rs.250- Rs.2,50,000,00-       TOTAL  2,77,80,000BV FREEDOM REFERRAL INCOMEYou can also earn 10 as Freedom Referral income on Directly Sponsored  Diamond Packages.  LEADERSHIP INCENTIVE  You have to complete 45PV in your structure 15PV in structure RNS&ndashA, 15PV in structure RNS&ndashB and 15PV under RNS-A or RNS-B for qualifying Weekly Leadership Incentive, after that you will get  Leadership Incentive on every 30PV 15PV in structure RNS&ndashA and 15PV in structure RNS&ndashB. The maximum Leadership Incentive points for a week is 4000PV .ROYALTY INCOME Once the Distributor achieve 3000PV 1500 each PVs in structure RNS&ndashA and RNS&ndashB they will get Monthly Royalty for 12 months. RE-PURCHASE INCOME You will get re-purchase income up to10th levels. All your direct referred distributors will be in your 1st level and like this you can refer any number of people at your structure. Those distributors who directly refer more people they are in your 2nd level like this you can earn up to 10 Level re-purchase income.AWARDSREWARDSWill be declared time to time according the performance of the company.Note 1PV Point Value      Rs.10-10BV Business Volume     Rs.10-                Leaders WelcomeFree joining and Attractive OfferCall &hellip 09328973834.Visit www.richnatural.com

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