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Having glossy and lustrous locks is the dream of every woman. However, the same hair can be quite annoying when they are present in other parts of your body. Having excessive hair on your face, arms, legs and other body parts can be a result of hormonal changes or just the genetics. Women facing body hair try various hair removal methods like threading, waxing and shaving but not only these methods are painful and annoying but are also only temporary solutions to hair free skin. Whereas, on the other hand, Laser hair removal is the standard treatment when it comes to permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by sending the pulse of light of a laser through the pigment present in the hair. This light then gets converted to heat that damages the hair follicle and hair bulb. One of the important factors that play a huge part in getting the best laser treatment is the type of machines used for laser and the selection of laser clinic with the modern equipment to provide a high level of precision. Some of the machines that are used most commonly for laser hair removal are

Diode laser

The diode laser machine for hair removal comprise of small diodes or semiconductor assembled together in order to produce light. This type of equipment has a shorter wavelength, which is ideal for people having lighter skin tones with darker hair.

Alexandrite laser

The Alexandrite hair removal machine is more suitable for people with fairer skin tones (caucasian descent). It does not work if you have a darker skin tone and it also poses the risk of pigment changes ( lightening or darkening) of the skin.

Long Pulse Nd � YAG laser

The Nd YAG laser machine is considered to be the gold standard in laser hair removal in darker skin tone (I.e. Asian skin). This machine is ideal for hair removal for Indian skin tones with the minimum risk of any side effects. This machine also has various settings suited as per the need of various skin types. This laser machine also works on fine hair growth. Thus making it the only available laser machine useful for all types of hair in our population. Dermalife clinic is the pioneer when it comes to using this technology that is safe and most effective for laser hair removal on Indian skin.

Demalife is a renowned skin and laser clinic that provides the best laser treatment. This clinic is well-equipped with all the equipment to meet all the needs of its patients. Dermalife uses the Nd YAG laser technology, which is the gold standard in laser hair removal. Some of the other advantages of Nd YAG laser are

Works for all skin types including the darker or tanned complexions
Even works for dark pigmented skin
This laser achieves significant delay in hair growth before the hair grows back in the treated areas
Large areas can be addressed in a shorter span
Dermalife is known to provide the best laser sessions at the most nominal prices using the latest long pulse ND YAG laser. It can be used for various body parts such as the face, arms, legs, belly area, underarms, and pubic area. At Dermalife, we ensure you 100% success rate with our laser hair removal process under the expertise of some highly trained professionals.

Specialities of the Dermalife

At Dermalife, we ensure you get rid of the unwanted hair and achieve clearer and softer skin.

We work with the best US FDA certified laser machine known as Gentle YAG PRO LASER for the effective removal of the hair. This is an advanced laser technique which is highly safe and effective especially meant for darker skin tones.
The laser is considered the Gold Standard for LASER hair removal for Indian Skin.
This laser treatment is affordable and is suitable for everyone seeking permanent hair removal.
The certified laser does not have any side effects on the enclosing skin areas.
You can also get customized laser hair removal treatment packages from Dermalife that suit individualistic needs.
With Gentle Yag Pro laser only 4-5 sessions in the gap of 4-6 weeks are enough for achieving flawless skin.
The laser machine also comprises of a bigger tip (meant for delivering a laser beam to the skin) that can target the full body within 90 minutes as compared to other laser machines that take somewhere around 5-6 hours.
The Candela Gentle YAG pro laser at Dermalife has non-touch technology that minimizes the chances of contamination.
With this Candela Gentle YAG pro laser, there is no need to shave off the hair prior to the procedure as they can just be trimmed.
There is also no need for applying the contact gel, which makes it less cumbersome.
So, in case you are in search of the best laser hair removal clinic then Dermalife is the right name for you. This clinic is laced with some latest world-class facilities and equipment, which surely makes it stand apart.

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  • 30 April, 2019
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