Crypto Compare Data Few people know about crypto currency, basically it’s a digital cash. Crypto currency is a digital exchange of currency. It’s a virtual currency use for security of online store money trough using bitcoin software. Crypto currency make it’s easy to transfer funds between two companies or parties. People use private keys for security propose and funds transfer in minimum fee. It’s a global village where people live in digital media and use all modern technologies for their lives make easier. Crypto currency is a block chain technology its uses to store online ledgers of all the transactions that have ever conducted using bitcoin, providing data. There are some draw backs of crypto currency in digital era. There are some threats to those ledgers who store their money through bitcoins. Hacker can copy across all computers that running bitcoin software. People use private keys to save their money from hackers. All new block generated must be verified by the ledgers of each user in the market. If backup copy of the holder does not exist then a digital crypto currency can be wiped out by a computer crash. Contact: 0300000000 E-Mail: [email protected]

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  • 19 July, 2018
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