Concentrated Mineral Drops Natural Source ...Perfect Solution.... & An Introduction to NanoSil-10

  Concentrated Mineral Drops Natural Source ...Perfect Solution....  CMD is the most powerful, health-giving trace mineral formulated by nature for greater bio-electric health and body mineral balancing. In today's modern, fast-paced society, supplying our bodies with the minerals they require is difficult. Many of the food we eat are grown in mineral deficient soil. Added to this, modern food processing techniques further strip important minerals like magnesium, potassium and boron - minerals that play key roles in our health. The truth is we may be eating a perfectly balanced diet and still be deficient in minerals and trace minerals. Supplementing your diet with CMD can replenish your body with the important nutrients that it may be lacking.A marriage of nature and science, CMD is a liquid mineral supplement concentrated and balanced for greater energy, vitality and well-being. Harvested from the pristine waters of the north shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake, CMD contains a natural balance of 72 verified minerals and trace minerals.To produce CMD, it takes, on the average, two years for the minerals and trace elements to reach the right balance. During this process, MRI routinely makes the tests to ensure optimal concentration and balance. Only when these factors are in perfect unison and meet the MRI standards will MRI harvest the minerals. Best of all, the minerals and trace minerals in CMD are contained in ionic form, one of the most widely utilized forms of minerals in the body.Twenty drops once or twice daily provide the body with the important minerals it needs to support general health and well  An Introduction to NanoSil-10   NanoSil-10 is a dietary supplement providing nano 10nm scaled silver particles in pure hydro solution.  NanoSil-10 conforms US FDA, DSHEA requirement. NanoSil-10 is comprised of true engineered nano particles of pure silver manufacture by patented, proprietary electro &ndashchemical reactions rendering approximately 10nm uniform particle size. Super Charged immune booster Derived from purest silver Patented technology Scientifically Tested 10ppm Silver Solution   NanoSil-10 Effectiveness Features of NanoSil-10   Outstanding immune booster No side effects Scientifically Medically Historically proven success Broad spectrum anti microbial immune support Anti bacterial Anti Viral Anti Fungal Anti Inflammatory Non-toxic even at high dosage, 50 times the recommended dose of 5ml Safe and cost effective in comparison to conventional  antibiotic treatment therapy Highly effective on external topical use Long shelf life of 10 years     The USP preservative challenge test conducted in 2006 by Analytical Resource Labs Utha on NanoSil-10 for various diseases with causative organisms being, staphylococcus aureus, E-coli, candida albicans, klebsiella pneumoniae, salmonella typhi, MRSA and bacillus cereus &hellipThe results indicates at 10ppm solution, in all the cases, the organisms population reduced by 10 in 10 minutes, 1 in 30 minutes, 90 in 1 hour. The department of micro biology and molecular biology reports that, at 10ppm NanoSil-10 is both Bacteriostatic and Bacteriocidal against all organisms tested including MRCA with out affecting bifidobacteria ie. beneficial bacteria are not harmed by NanoSil-10. The reports further confirms that NanoSil-10 kills the deadliest bacteria tested so far. Other US major universities viz. UC Davis, Kansas, UT have proven the effectiveness of the product in killing thousands of strains of staphaureus, T.B , strepaureus, E-colli, salmonella, yeast and even anthrax spores etc. Nanosil-10 is the only non-toxic product proven to kill anthrax spores. Tests reveals successful efficacy of NanoSil-10 in combating malaria, SARS, MRSA, HIV, H1N1, H5N1, bird flue etc. VIRIDIS Bio Pharma Labs India confirms the viricidal activity of NanoSil-10 against  Hepatitis &ndash B Virus, Herpis virus without disturbing the probiotics . US EPA has approved NanoSil-10 as a disinfectant in hospitalsnursing homes. How NanoSil-10 works Nano silver particles exhibits high surface to volume ration there by extending broad size distribution and morphologies with highly reactive facets NanoSil-10 acts in following ways Silver in NanoSil-10 has capacity to absorb oxygen and acts as catalyst to bring about oxidation. Atomic oxygen absorbed onto the surface of Ag ion. Ag ion in solution, readily reacts with sulfhydryl -S-H group covering the surface of bacteria or viruses to remove the hydrogen atom as H2O, causing sulphur atom to form R-S-S-R bond, blocking respiration and causing the bacteria to expire. Redox reaction would render Ag to react with any &ndashve charge of bacterial membrane protein and deactivate them. Nano Ag particles attached to the surface of cell membrane of the bacteria and drastically disturb the permeability and respiration. Nano Ag ruptures and penetrates the cell wall cell membranes and interacts with sulphur and phosphorous compounds of DNA, inhibiting the replication of bacteria.  The strong positive ionic charge of silver enhances additional bactericidal effect, there by killing the bacteria totally. Regards Rakesh Sharma-9320710842 email  

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