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RBM BUSINESSBreking News Central Government Swavalamban Pension Yojana PRAN-CARD As Gift With Product.Call -09922001439 Email- bpharategmail.comContact For Franchisee-09922001439YOUTUBE -httpwww.youtube.comwatch?vjl-r6dRiFFwPress Release -Pranab launches pension scheme for unorganised sector workers PTI Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee hands over the papers for Swavalamban, the pension scheme wage and pensionUnion Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday launched a pension scheme for workers in the unorganised sector who do not have access to the social security net. &ldquoI launched the scheme to coincide with the 78th birthday of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This scheme will help those who are not covered under any social security scheme,&rdquo Mr. Mukherjee said after unveiling the programme at a function here in Murshidabad district. Under the scheme &mdash which is named &lsquoSwavalamban' &mdash subscribers would get Rs.1,000 from the government each year for a subscription amount of Rs.12,000 per year. The scheme will remain valid for this financial year and for the next three consecutive fiscals. Mr. Mukherjee has already allocated Rs. 100 crore for the scheme in the budget for 2010-11. It will be managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India. A subscriber can enter the scheme at the age of 18 years and will be eligible for pension after turning 60. Mr. Mukherjee said 87 per cent of the country's workforce would benefit from the &lsquoSwavalamban' scheme, adding that there were eight crore people above 60 who were not getting pension. On turning 60, the pensioner can withdraw 60 per cent of his contribution, while the balance will be given as a monthly annuity by the LIC. The LIC has been appointed one of the many aggregators who will collect subscription amounts from subscribers. Minister of State for Finance N.N. Meena, LIC chairman T.S. Vijayan and other senior Finance Ministry officials were present. Keywords pension scheme, unorganised sector workers, Swavalamban Central Government MLM Rbm Group Rbm Group MLM   Rbm Group Se ...... Rbm Group  .... , MLM , Rbm Group 100 Rbm Group Top ID . MLM position secure , ......09922001439Master Business Plan--When you purchase a Product Kit of the company then you are Eligible for Business plan of the company. Unique user name & password will be created for every new customer. The cost of Product Kit is Rs.1100- Rs.1500-,Rs.2500-& Topup-Rs.3000- Company provides some attractive income for you.Type Of Income- Daily Matching Income Weekly Matching Income Gold Diamond Royalty Platinum Diamond Royalty Blue Diamond Royalty Royal Diamond Royalty Crown Diamond Royalty Re-Purchase Income Plan Awards & Rewards 1-Daily Matching IncomeRs.350 - on Every Joining in only 1st Pair Calculate 21 or 12 Ratio after then 11 Ratio unlimited Depth. Daily 6 Pair Capping in Binary income Rs 2100 - Daily.Binary Income Rules- It will be calculated as per your left and right side Business . To Earn Binary Commission Your personal down Line is organized into a two-team structure. 1Pv Rs.1- Daily Capping Rs.2100 2100 PV One ID. Binary income 350- Per Pair Daily 2 Closings 1st Closing - "6.00 am to 6.00 pm" & 2nd Closing - "6.00 pm to 6.00 am" India Standard Time Per Closing 3 pair Capping Single Id 3 Pair x Two Closing 6 Pair Daily. 6 Pair x Rs. 350- Rs.2100- Per Day Income. 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Fund Transfer to your Account on Daily, Minimum Fund Transfer Rs. 350- ------------------------------- You Take Product Delivery at RBM BUSINESS Dhule Head Office Only. Product Delivery Time Maximum 15 Days. Delivery Charges AS Applicable Subject to Dhule Maharashtra Jurisdiction only. No Yearly Renewal . The Company shall not be liable for any false over commitment made by any of its Customer, Dealer of Distributor Company reserves the right to change, cease, and modify the existing product & Plan without any prior notice. Amount Received by company for Product only. All payments & Commissions depend on company&rsquos Growth only. The Company shall not be liable for any false over commitment made by any of its Customer, Dealer of Distributor other than printed in the Brochure, in the form or written circular duly signed by C.M.D. The company Reserves the Right to withdraw the target incentive at any time without giving any prior notice or any explanation for doing so. Incentives are subject to TDS and other taxes as per Govt. norms. Call -09922001439 Email- bpharategmail.com www.rbmbusiness.net

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